Monday, April 8, 2013

Bump Update #7 (a week old update)

Bump Update

How far along: 20 weeks, 1 day   (Yay half way there!) 

Due Date:  August 18, 2013

Baby’s Size:  

Total weight gain: Again nothing... still down 3-4lbs on any given day   

Maternity Clothes: Pants yes, shirts I am still getting by with what I have.  I need to get some tank tops though soon.  The ones I have are not only old but the stretching looks a bit funny.

Sleep:  Aside from the 3-4 times a night I get up to use the bathroom (i won't miss this part of pregnancy at all!) I am sleeping like a baby.

Best Moment this week:  Seeing Mudbug and hearing the heartbeat.  The baby was not a fan of the heartbeat monitor the doctor used.  Every time she found it the baby would start kicking or turning.    

Worst Moment this week:  Realizing that the deployment is getting closer and closer... Ugh I hate reality setting in. 

Miss anything:  Coffee.  Like 1-2 cups of regular coffee black with a touch of sugar.  Oh how I can't wait to 

Food Cravings/Aversion:  I have been craving Thai food.  Thankfully it opens back up on April 2nd so I can finally get some yummy food.  Oddly enough I have noticed that the last 2-3 times I have had shrimp I have felt like crap afterwards.  It was cooked properly and it wasn't anything out of the ordinary so I don't know what happened.  I think I will lay off of it until after the baby is born.  I don't want to not like Shrimp from a few bad experiences during pregnancy.  


Movement: Tons actually.  Mainly in the evenings and early morning but occasionally after eating.  

Gender:  We know but we are waiting for a confirmation in a couple of weeks to confirm what we already know. 

Belly Picture:  I guess I will have to break down and actually take one of these soon huh?

Looking forward to: The next baby appointment and Hunter coming out of the field very soon!   

This week’s Baby Task: We are narrowing down choices in crib bedding, Updating registries, and ordering more cloth diapers so that I can prep them sooner while I still have the energy.

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