Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a look into baby food making

I planned to make my own baby food long before mudbug was even a thought.  When I was a nanny I had to make the kids baby food and so I see no reason why I wouldn't make my own baby's food.  It was simple and easy.  There also wasn't any of the fancy new gadgets that there are now that would make the process even easier than when I was doing this over 10 years ago... oh boy I fear I just dated myself.

At the time all I had was a steamer, a potato masher, and good old fashion elbow grease.  Yup that was it.  I would cook each items and make it as smooth as I could possibly get it.  It wasn't until three months into this that they picked up a small food processor to help.  I then started to make things in bulk using ice cube trays.      Being about to make things ahead made life soooo much easier.

I decided that there are a few things that are worth investing in to make my life easier.  We already have steamer pot and food processor but I think it could be worth exploring some of the newer baby food making equipment on the market.  Mainly the Baby Bullet, baby bullet steamer, infantino fresh squeezed squeeze station and infantino fresh squeezed steam & smush.

The infantino fresh squeeze steam and smush is basically a microwaveable steamer with a masher.  Its basic, simple and it will work while well when I am looking to try something small.  I would have loved something like this years ago.  This isn't even a question, we will be purchasing this.

The baby bullet is something that I have questioned the usefulness of.  I have food processor with various drop in size bowls so I wonder if a smaller food processor is worth the money.

Sure for small or quick meals this could be useful but I certainly won't be making mass amounts in this.  While I like the that there are two different size blending bowls or cups, I am not a fan of the food tray or the storage system.

Then there is the baby bullet steamer.
It's small and while it would work well for small amounts how often will I be making small amounts of something?  Couldn't the microwave infantion steamer above work better in a pinch? The only added benefit to this is that it also works as a sterilizer but only for small items like pacifiers or teething rings.  Once again I think picking up an electric sterilizer that would fit bottles might be more beneficial.  I should also not that I am not a huge fan of putting happy faces on children's toys.  When did this become such a big trend?

Lastly there is the Infantino Fresh squeezed squeeze station.  I am oddly excited in wanting to pick this up.

We all have seen these style packets at the super market.  They can add up quickly but because of their ease of use I can easily see why people buy them.  I think this would work great not just for infants but for things like applesauce for older kids.  If I'm making the food already then why not have something like this on hand, right?

Do any of you make your own baby food?  Have you used any of these?  Am I missing something that would make my life easier?  tell me what you think.


  1. I have the squeeze station. I just use a steamer on the stovetop and a regular food processor. The products for babies are so small so you can't make much food at a time. The squeeze pouches are awesome, my toddler still eats out of them!

  2. I wanted to make our own baby food, but with us both working fulltime, it got to be a lot more work than we were anticipating, so we just bought babyfood. We got organic as much as possible and made sure the containers were all BPA free. We did occasionally make some purees and freeze them, but to make fresh babyfood each day for Aubrey was tough for us. I have heard great things about the baby bullet- I know many people who have one!

  3. That last thing is nifty. I might look into that!

  4. I have heard that there is such a thing as reusable squeezy pouches. If you're going to make all your baby food, it might be better to get those up front instead of the disposable ones. I don't make anything for my kids because I'm a huge slacker, so I just buy the squeezies from the store. It's basically the only veggies these two will eat. Their squeezy habit is the biggest reason they aren't allowed to have junk food. Because seriously- HOW COULD WE AFFORD THAT?!


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