Friday, March 8, 2013

Weight and Pregnancy

These are two things people don't like talking about together.

No this is not me.  Image can be found here

I for one expected the worst case scenario when I found out I was expecting.  I just knew I would blow up like a Macy's day balloon from the beginning.  I haven't thankfully.  Don't get me wrong this could still very much happen as I am only 16 weeks pregnant.  However, I am doing what I can to not gain 70+ pounds this pregnancy.  I mean no disrespect if you are reading this and gained anywhere close to that amount.

I have decided that in keeping the mass amount of weight in check there are a few simple things I can do.  For starters the excuses "it's for the baby," or any variation of the sort is banned from my vocabulary.  As is "I'm eating for two."  Yes, I am carrying a baby but in reality the baby will take what it needs from me.  It is my job to replace the nutrient it is taking.  I refuse to over indulge just because I am carrying a baby and the excuse is there.  It is an easy pit I could fall deeply into if I allowed myself.  I know once the baby is here and I am looking at having to lose huge amounts of weight I will deeply regret.  That is just not something I can face.  

I have also been making smart healthy food choices.  I had started this just before I found out I was expecting and knowing there is baby in there needing me to be healthy has helped me keep on track.  I try to set myself up for success that I hope I can carry though after the baby is here.  Stocking and PREPPING the fridge has helped the most.  You see when you feel like crap all day the last thing you want to do is make a healthy lunch.  So I prep two to three days worth of snacks and lunched at a time.  If left to my own devices I am sure mac and cheese or ramen would be high up on the list of something to eat that's quick and easy.  Am I perfect... hahahaha ... far from it.  I will say screw cooking and eat whatever I want on occasion.  I will also indulge every now.  In small quantities though.  After all who am I to not give in to a craving?

So what have I gained in 16 weeks of pregnancy.  As of today I am the same weight I was pre pregnancy.  On any given day this will fluctuate from +2 to -2 pounds.  That all depends on my how much morning sickness has effected me the day before.  This will clearly change as my morning sickness (fingers and toes crossed) subsides and I can eat a bit better than I already am.

While I am happy to have not gained weight I was a bit concerned so I talked to my doctor about it at my last appointment.  She was ok with it as I haven't dropped or gained significantly since this pregnancy started.  The doctor went on to ask me for a run down of my typical daily food.  She told me I am eating properly and as much as she would expect me to at this time.  The amount of food I eat in a day surprised her a bit at first but when I told her I would try to make up for the lost calories for being sick she understood completely.  She added that in the coming weeks I will be feeling a bit hungrier than I am now.  Obviously the baby will be getting bigger and bigger each week requiring me to take in more nutrients.  I don't have a problem with this one bit.  She also noted that she expects at least a 2-3 pound weight gain by my next appointment.  I'll be right around 19 weeks then.  She also added that she doesn't want to me throwing my healthy eating out the window to gain that weight though either.

We shall see how this goes.  Who knows what will happen to my weight when I am not having to deal with morning sickness everyday.  I am sure one day in the not so distant future I will be eating my words but for now I will sit back and be happy about it.  I mean I still have several months to go.


  1. I think you are doing good so far! :-) Good choices pay off in the end. Have a great weekend!

    1. I am hoping that is exactly how this works!

  2. You are doing great so far. Good choices will pay off in the end. :) have a great weekend!


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