Friday, March 22, 2013

Team Pink or Team Blue

It's time to decide!  Are you on Team Pink or Team Blue?

I go in to get the gender ultrasound today.  We chose to pay for an ultrasound out in town strictly to see the gender.  We will also be getting an anatomy scan done through our post doctor however we were told that if they can determine gender they will but it was not a priority.  Well it's a priority to me.  I am also paranoid and would (hopefully) like two scans that say the exact same thing.  In a perfect world I would like both to be positive about what they see regardless of the gender.  I don't want them to have any doubt about it.  Granted like most parents we don't really care what gender the baby is as long as the baby is healthy. 

Now I have done 6 different old wives tales gender predictions tests just for fun and they are split evenly.

So far the majority of people are on Team Blue.  The reason for this is that my husband is one of 4 boys and his Brother has 2 boys, no girls.  The running joke is that they only produce boys.  I just think it's funny.  There are a few people on Team Pink but not many though.

The tally so far is...

15 for Team Blue

3 for Team Pink

What do you think this baby will be?


  1. Yay how exciting!! I'm going to say Team Pink. :) Good luck!

    1. Hahaha there were many people who texted and emailed me that were on team pink.

  2. I will guess team PINK!

    Do you have a hunch at all? I totally thought Aubrey was a boy. Wrong! Ha!

    1. I did have a hunch going in, but regardless after 2 years of infertility we would be happy with whatever the baby was.


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