Friday, March 15, 2013


Since Hunter will be deployed for the first part of Mudbug's life, we were trying to think of a way to make his home coming a bit easier.  I knew exactly who to go to... My friend Sarah.  We have know each other for over 10 years and she is my go to person for all things military and parenting.  Long story short Sarah and I went to college together and she is the one who introduced me to my husband on a trip to see her boyfriend at a different school.  After graduation they had a beautiful military wedding and they now have 4 kids together.

The reason she instantly popped into my mind is because her husband has been deployed for 3 of the 4 of their children's births.  Yup she delivered all three without him there.  The first two she delivered without anyone there with her.   That being said she was the perfect person to ask for advice on our situation.

My biggest question for her was how do you make it easier on the baby when Hunter comes home?  This obviously is a big concern of mine.  Several months of just baby and I and then boom you add this other person into the mix full time that Mudbug won't really know.  So how do I make it easier.

She told me that it will be tough and the baby will cry and cling to me.  This much I expected.  I thought having him shadow me while taking care of the baby once he was back would work and then slowly let him take over.  Sarah thought this was a good plan but really only part of a plan.  I had forgotten that there were things I could do while he was away to make the transition easier for everyone.

The best thing she found that worked was having her Husband read several stories on camera.  She said that being able to see and hear their father helped them not be as intimidated by him once he returned.  Obviously it would be mainly listening at first but then they would move on to really watching.

I thought hubby would have shot the idea down without ever giving it a second thought.  Much to my surprise he actually liked it.  He told me to pick up a few books and he would do it when he had the time.  I asked him about what his favorite children's books were, like an idiot I expected an actual answer.  I forget that those not in education don't really know about children's literature.

After throwing several ideas his way I finally began to get something I could use.  Not a lot but between the two of us we have came up with what I think is a pretty decent list.  Early childhood books are short.  Like 2 words per page short.  So I wanted to find books of various lengths that Hunter could read.  Some short and some a bit longer but ones that he would be ok with reading.  Here is what we have come up with.  Oh and before all of my teacher friend and readers start barking that these aren't all age appropriate, relax I am aware.  My goal is not for them to fully understand the book but to get them used to Hunters' voice.

As you can see there are several collection books.  I do not expect Hunter to read every book in the collection but to pick out the ones he likes best.  I also have a bunch of books from when I was little or from when I was teaching that he can pick from.  I know this looks like a long list but the time it takes to read these even slowly is not that long at all.  

What do you think of the list thus far?  

Have any of you done this with your kids?  Do you think it helped?


  1. Love the list and the books. :)

  2. I like your variety! Sam still won't sit through an entire Berenstein Bears book, although they were my absolute FAVORITE growing up. So wordy. I realize that now. Anyways, my only word of advice is to read every book before you bring it into your regular reading rotation and make sure it doesn't drive you batshit crazy. Because the second you read that one annoying book, it will become your child's favorite and you will wanna try to slit your wrists via paper cuts. Not that I've tried that or anything...

    1. I loved them growing up too! My parents saved them for us but since I went into education they gave all the old books to me. It was funny going through the old title... the Berenstein bears don't get along, the BB learn to share, The bb name calling, Etc. you would think we were horrible kids by only looking at those books. You are right though they are long. While I don't think that it even remotely fits the attention span of a child of such a young age I do think it meets the point of getting them used to Hubby's voice. I figured they would work well for early infancy when they enjoy listening to sounds.

      You are very very right about reading them first. When I was a nanny the little one picked "color Kittens." I can't stand it and I she instantly loved it. Figures. I read through them all but will give hubby the final say in what he wants to read.


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