Friday, March 1, 2013

Packing it away

Packing up my work clothes in preparation for our move pained me. Besides all the old thoughts flooding my mind I needed to downsize my "old" work clothes. All those beautiful items have just sat in the closet unused since 2010. It was time I part with some and pack up the rest.

It is sad that the majority of things in these bags still have tags on them!

I kept the items I loved the most and like I said above the ones with tags still on them and put them in no less than 4 vacuum seal bags. Because I am a bit uptight about organization, they are organized in the bags by size, type and season. Yes this was even written on the bags in Sharpie. In case you were wondering, rubbing alcohol will take the marker off so I can reuse and relabel the bags without destroying them.

With my down sizing complete I dropped off the two big boxes of clothes at a local church that was requesting items.


  1. It feels good to downsize, I love it. :)

    1. It does. This move has shown me that we need to declutter something fierce.


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