Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making the decision to cloth diaper

This decision to me was pretty much a no brainer.  I wanted to use cloth diapers with our baby.  I had used them when I was a nanny, as per the mothers request, and it worked out extremely well.  She made cloth diapering a more relaxed thing to do.  If there was long trips or full days out and about I could use my discretion on incorporating disposables.  This is exactly how I plan to Cloth Diaper our child.  Gasp... we will have disposables in our house to use when needed, but I would like to cloth diaper as much as possible. As much that makes sense for us and our family.

Hubby was on board with the idea for the most part.  He wanted me to make sure the decision would work for us and that it would be cost effective.  I showed him the numbers and he was all for it.  Take a second and go here to look at the cost breakdown.  We will be using pocket diapers so that you have a reference point.  I am not looking to do this to save the planet in doing this.  Sorry I'm not.  Just being real here about it all.  Sure it's a side effect of using mainly cloth diapers but saving money was the huge push.  Especially when we are looking to continue doing this for our future children as well.  The savings only multiply with the next child.  That money to me could be much better spend on things for us to do together as a family.

Another reason to cloth diaper is that I have extremely sensitive skin.  I always have.  From birth my parents have told me that the craziest things would cause rashes.  To this day I have issues with everything from shampoo, lotions, detergents, makeup and more.  All of which I have to be careful about what I use.  I fear our child will be the same way.  Even if they aren't as sensitive skinned as me, cloth diapering is a way of keeping them from having to deal with an issue right from the start.  I know I said I will be using disposables as well so those will be pampers sensitive swaddlers.  So far the best disposable I have researched on the market for sensitive skin.

The final reason to cloth diaper for us was a small piece of info that I found throughout my research on cloth diaper.  Kids who are in cloth diapers the majority of the time potty train faster than those in mainly disposables.  The little girl I was a nanny for, was potty trained fully by 2 1/2.  Night time and everything.  Sure this could just be a freaky occurrence but she was fully aware of when she was wet and when she was dry.  With a little charting and encouragement she started using the potty by 20 months rather consistently.  Personally I would like my child out of diapers as soon as they are ready for it.  If cloth diapers help move that along then its a huge bonus to us.

There are lists of reason to cloth diaper for us.  These are just a few of the reasons behind our decision.  I know it's not for everyone but for us it's a smart decision.  Now to pick which brand of pocket diapers it will be.

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