Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laundry overload

I have been backed up on laundry since we moved here.  To be honest I am never really sure I caught back up on it after the move.  I did enough to maintain and make sure Hunter had what he needed while I did load here and there I can honestly say I haven't been consistent with it at all.  And I mean from day 1 when I started doing my laundry.

I always waited until I was practically out and then did one whole day of nothing but laundry.  It worked when all I was doing was homework or being a nanny but I can't do that now.  Not when I have so many clothes that can't even be dried and definitely not with a baby on the way.  I think I really need to spend the next week catching up and then maintain from there.  I need to make sure I am doing a load every other day at least.  This whole being behind thing will only get harder once there is cloth diapers and baby clothes thrown into the mix.

How do you all do it?  Hunter is only allowed to touch the hamper marked regular.  Yes it really is marked with a label maker sticker and everything.  This is mainly his clothes but some of mine are mixed in.  They are the standard wash cycle and the standard dry cycle.  The only real complaint I have with him washing the regular stuff is that he over fills the washing machine.  We have a front loader so believe me its a challenge to do so.  I don't feel the clothes get as clean when they are overloaded.  However when it is mainly his items I will not say anything unless I am willing to wash them.

I refuse to let him touch anything else as he has ruined far too many of my good clothes that way.  He literally shrunk a dozen of my expensive sweater to child size.  Like toddler size by putting them in the dryer on high heat.  He claimed they could stretch out but we all know they never would.  I honestly believe men's clothes and women's clothes react to the washer/dryer in very different ways.

I am trying to let go a little bit on this.  He wants me to type up a list on how everything is to be washed and dried so that he can help me out with it.  I am going to do this but I am extremely nervous about it.  I honestly appreciate the help but I wonder if it will be more trouble than it is worth.

For starters I hate people folding my laundry.  As a kid I would refold everything.  I still do if someone even attempts to fold my laundry.  Hunter knows not to even attempt this from the beginning.  He is a smart boy.  Only if he starts taking over the laundry even for a few loads I will either end up refolding the laundry or have it sitting in a basket until I can fold it.  I don't know.

I think the best way to start this is to let him start doing the simple thing.  The towels, kitchen towel, bedding, and blankets until I am so beyond exhausted that I just give up and let him do everything.  To be honest I think I would prefer him to to cook or clean before he does the laundry.  Maybe that's the direction I need to take on.

Here's a sponge and there is the bathroom.  Have at it!


  1. Kyle actually used to do our laundry and let me tell you the man was awesome at it! LOL! He sorted and even pulled out sweaters so they didn't go in the dryer.

    1. That is awesome! He's a rockstar!


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