Monday, March 11, 2013

Bump Update #4

Bump Update

How far along: 17 Weeks, 1 day

Due Date:  August 18, 2013

Baby’s Size:  Ugh the apps disagree once again... I have no idea why this bothers me so much but it does.  However the baby is somewhere between the size of a sweet potato and an onion. 

Total weight gain:  Today I stepped on the scale and I am down 1/2 a pound.  Who knew especially with how much I have been stuffing my face lately.   

Maternity Clothes:  I am in maternity jeans.  I broke down and started wearing them this week since I found a pair that fits well.  I also got sick of worrying about my pants falling off even though I was using the belly band thingy.   

Sleep:  I have had several horrible nights of sleep due to allergies.  Thankfully last night I was able to sleep pretty well.  Thank you Humidifier and medicine.  Who knew I would need a humidifier in Louisiana. 

Best Moment this week: eek... Making our second big baby purchase.  Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers.  More on that later this week.  Lets just say I am hoping to not have to buy more than 2 boxes of newborn diapers before this baby moves into the cloth diapers.  

Worst Moment this week: Dealing with all of the mass pollen.  My nose was so stuffed up and for two days I became one of these mouth breathers.  Ugh horrible.   

Miss anything:  Not having to think about what I can and can not have to eat or what extra I have to do to make it safe for a pregnant women to eat.  Really microwaving deli meats is annoying me!    

Parenting advice: Can I say that I miss everyone and their mother staying out of your business?  Before I was pregnant not a single person cared what I ate or how much I exercised and now strangers feel its their right to voice their opinions.  Don't even get me started in family members....     

Food Cravings/Aversion:  I have been craving chips and salsa like it is my job!  Can't seem to get enough of them.  This baby does not like grapefruit.  At least not the fresh kind.     

Movement: I have felt some small fluttering.  Nothing consistent but then again it would be easy to miss if I wasn't paying attention. 

Gender: Still waiting but it's getting soooo close!  Honestly I am torn.  Some days I think the baby is a girl and other days I think the baby is a boy.  Regardless we will be happy.  I just want to know so I can finish planning and registering.

Looking forward to:  duh... finding out the gender!  Oh an planning the nursery decor out.  I found some cute ideas on pinterest and can't wait to use some of them!    

This week’s Baby Task:  Figure out when and how to tackle sanding and staining my old night stand so that it matches the nursery furniture.  I am also looking for some storage solutions ideas that we will be happy with.     

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