Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adding to the Kitchen

I love cooking.  Ask any of our friends or family and they will quickly tell you about something we made for them that they liked.  My husband is obviously a far better cook than I but I can hold my own.  Since the move we have been able to put up a shelf in the garage with all of our kitchen gadgets.  It has all the items we are unable to fit into our current kitchen.  I'll admit I like not having them getting in the way.  That being said though a few of those gadgets have seen far better days.  I am hoping to replace a few in the not so distant future.

So whats on the chopping block?

First up is our 7 year old toaster oven that I am consistently burning things in.  It doesn't not heat even remotely even driving me up the wall.

 This is the Kitchen Aid 12" Convection Bake Counter top oven.  Its a bit pricey at $129 but I figure since the last one was a cheap piece of crap when he first bought it that we can splurge a bit on a new one.  I have to say I am loving the functions on this.

Next up is our slow cooker.  I picked up on a whim and while it works its annoying because the plug is on its way out.  Set and forget it does not work with ours as I need to keep checking that it is on all the time.  Then I found this beauty.

The Calphalon 7 Quart Digital Slow cooker.  Way way over budget but I really really like it.

I hate our rice cooker.  It bubbles over all the time and needs to go.  Again this was another impulse buy that we have regretted since the first week we got it.  Is it a necessity to get a new... obviously not but it would be nice.

The Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Rice cooker and steamer.  My Friend has this one and loves it so I think it might be worth a try.

Last up is to ditch the George formen grill.  Hubby bought this when he was single and didn't have a real grill. It worked well for the two PCS moves we have made but really it needs to go.  I think the best thing to replace it should be this...

Calphalon 5-in-1 Removable Plate Grill.  In my opinion this thing can do everything the silly George forman can do (and more obviously) and it looks prettier.  Besides if I have to try to fake another panini in that stupid thing someone might get hurt.


  1. These are all great buys! :)

    1. We have far too many kitchen items but we need more functional ones. I hope this solves the problems we are having.

  2. We use the last one all the time, as you know :)

    1. We picked up the toaster oven and that is next up on my list! I can better deal with heated cold cuts when they are panini style.


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