Thursday, March 21, 2013

400 Days

Today marks 400 days living in Louisiana.  Since the day we moved in life has been flipped upside down.  We adjusted to the hot hot weather, happily ended our two year infertility journey, Found out I am pregnant with our first baby, Watched sadly as close family friends moved away, Moved houses on our own, and now we are gearing up for the first deployment as a married (and expecting) couple.  So much has changed in such a short period of time.  Despite all of this change I am still beyond ready to leave here.

That's when a lovely bomb was dropped in our laps.  Yup we will be stuck her for 2 more years.  Two very long whole years.  I am trying to make the best of this news but it isn't sitting well with me.  I need a long vacation or a few long vacations to make up for this traumatic news.  This place is like a sink hole.  You get trapped here and can't get out.

To add to my already overwhelming stress there have been talks of possibly leaving the military.  While I know we will be just fine if this is what is decided I can't help but be nervous about it.  The unknown is quite scary.  Where will we live?  What kind of work is out there for Him?  Or me even?  With the economy as bad as it is, is now really the time to get out?  This is what has been keeping me up at night and this isn't even talks of getting out anytime soon.  I think for now I just need to take it as it comes and let go of what I can't change.

For now I will sit back, save some money and try to plan a nice vacation and some small weekend trips while we are here.


  1. Jacksonville is nice. Just sayin'

    1. If only we could! I hear eastern Tenn is nice too ;)


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