Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Thoughts

Call me a Valentine's Day "Grinch" because that's what I am.  It's not for any of the reasons people think.  I don't like this holiday because I don't think that someone should be forced to shower a person with "Love" and or gifts because it's expected.  Or that they feel that's what they are supposed to do.

To me it means so much more when it happens at random throughout the year.  It's the small things to me that show me that my husband cares.  Like doing the dishes after dinner or moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer without ever having to ask.  I know you might be thinking that he should be doing those things anyway.  Hear me out though.  How often is it that you feel you have tell your spouse or significant other to help out around the house?  It's those times when I really need the help that he is ready and willing to pitch in.  Often without asking.  For me that means more than the bouquet of flowers brought home on Feb 14th.  Don't get me wrong I would appreciate them fully if he did.

Flowers, Candy, Cards and Stuffed Bears are all commercial items.  Why would I want my husband to pay an arm and a leg for flowers that only a week earlier cost $20 less for the same exact items.  It's wasteful in my opinion.  When did every holiday become all about how much money you spend?  I won't even get started on the girls that will be crying tonight because they aren't with someone special.

Can we focus on just being more kind and caring to those we know and love?  I mean really evaluate the way we treat our spouses and loved ones on a daily basis.  There will always be one or two little things that you can change.  It could be as simple as actually listening when your wife is talking about her day and responding to what she is saying.  Or thinking twice about nagging your husband about all the clothes not making it into the hamper.  Maybe it's just finding something nice to say to the person.  Like complementing them on the dinner they made verses complaining about the mess you know you will have to clean up.

I honestly believe it's the little things we need to try to focus on rather than the big grand gestures.

I have no idea what we will be doing to "celebrate" Valentine's day.  Hunter could come home with an arms full of flowers and chocolates or he could come home and act like it's any other day.  I will be grateful for either scenario.  For me though I will try to do or say something small and unexpected that doesn't cost any money.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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  1. I'm not a fan of this day either. We aren't doing anything and I am more than ok with it. :)


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