Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's not home yet

We have been here for two weeks and it doesn't feel like home yet.  Within two weeks it felt like we had the whole house in order.  Here, not so much.  Sure we only finished moving everything over Saturday, but I still feel like more should be done.

The house is about 70% done.  We attempted to move items for its location and then put them back together at the new house.  For the most part this worked out well.  The we just wanted to get it done.  so we boxed things up and put in the correct room, but never unpacked it.  Then we ran out of boxes and bins, so we put stuff in plastic bags.  Yeah lets just say that I never want to move myself again.  NEVER.

Really it is just the time to get moving and put things away.  I started yesterday with my makeup cabinet.  See where my priorities are.  I finish putting away my makeup and started in on my closet.  Today i won't be so productive in getting this house put back together.  There is a heaping pile of laundry today with my name on it.  If I am feeling super productive then i might organize the pantry so I can finally see what we have in there.

Ok I'm off to do laundry.

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