Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Its official...

We have a rental home. 

Last night was the first good night of sleep I have had since all of this was dropped in our laps.  The stress of not knowing was seriously getting to me.  While this whole situation isn't totally cleared up, I do feel better about it.  We still need to get out of our current contract (Prayers needed here) but we will be signing for the new home this afternoon and moving in on the first of the month.  This may mean that we are paying double rent but there is very little that we can do now as Hunter will be in and out of the field for the next several months and we need a place to live.

The new home is a bit bigger than we have now.  We will be moving into a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with a fenced in back yard.  

The good and the bad of the new house.

This keeps us in the same area and in a neighborhood I feel comfortable in.  It also keeps us near the good walmart (did I really just type that??? oh how far I have fallen.) and clearly still within driving distance to the better shopping area only an hour away.  Yippee!  Its the little things people.

the current rental with the fence down.
The new house has a fenced in back yard.  A well constructed, fenced in back yard I should add.  Our current rental's fence was a DIY project gone terribly terribly wrong.  On top of that half the fence has been down for close to a month and a half now.  I will be excited to let the dogs out once again and not have to be out there with them.  

We will be gaining an additional bedroom.  We are currently in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and will be moving to a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home.  It wasn't on purpose but for the additional rent at least we have additional house to show for it.  The down side is that it would appear that the builders took the 2 additional bedrooms from our house and attempted to make that space into 3 usable bedrooms.  I hope that's not really the truth but those bedrooms are much smaller than we would have liked.  we have already decided that one will be a guest bedroom, another storage and the last a multi-purpose room.  

I should add that despite the 3 rooms small size there is a decent amount of closet space in each.   

The paint situation in this house is horrible.  The owners clearly picked paint colors that reflected their decor without any thoughts to future renter.  Maroon, Green, Lavender, Yellow, Pastel Green and Pastel Blue are so not renter friendly.  Were is the Eggshell? or even Brown tone colors?  They are bad.  If we bought the new house (Which we def aren't) paint would be the first thing I would change.  Sadly we aren't even allowed to paint this place.  Not even one room.  Ugh. oh well.  It's just paint right!

A picture of the living room looking into the dining/kitchen with the owners furniture and decor.
The multipurpose room is for me something I am excited to have.  The computer desk and my craft table/sewing machine will get their own space.  Finally I don't have to pack and unpack my sewing machine each and every time I want to use it. The down side is this will also be where Hubby keeps his ugly huge safe but I guess I can deal with it since I get my crafting space. 

The bathrooms are a bit small but still easily workable.  The main loss is going from a double to a single sink (with lots of counter space) in the master bathroom.  We aren't in there all that often together so its not a big deal to me.  The same goes for the guest bathroom.  A single sink is just fine.

Another big space loss makes me a bit sad.  In the current house we have His and Hers walk in closets.  That's right I have the bigger closet and Hunter has the slightly small her one.  Its really not that huge of a deal because there is a large walk in closet in the new home.  It should be big enough for both the closets to combine.  This means that I will be doing all the closet organization as I loath even looking in Hunters closet.  It drives me nuts with all of the disorganization in his.

The final and most missed loss of space is in the kitchen.  We will have less counter and cabinet space than we currently have.  Which really is the builders fault as it could have been bigger with a simple layout change.  We love cooking so this one might take some moving around to make it work.  Its doable for sure as I feel we have A LOT of wasted space in the current kitchen.  We also have 2 cabinets that we use a the pantry since houses in the south seems to lack them from what I have experienced.  

The master bedroom is roughly the same size of our current one.  The added perk of the new house though is that the layout is far better.  We had a rough time when we first moved into this house because there are 4 awkwardly placed doors in the master making it difficult to arrange the furniture in the room.  The new house has 3 doors but they are in much better positions in the room for furniture layout.

The laundry room is amazing in the new house.  I never in my life thought i would say that.  But really it is.  Our current laundry room just fits our front loaders.  By just fits, I mean that you can walk in and open the washer or dryer door that graze the wall when its fully open.  The new laundry room had enough space for me to do cartwheels in.  OK that's an exaggeration but it will fit both front loaders, a shelving unit to use as a pantry, and our cleaning supplies WITH room to spare.  

Overall the move is a good one for us.  Well not the move itself, that will be a pain in the butt since I'm not just sitting back watching the movers do all the work.  But you know what I mean.  Now to box everything up and prep for the move. 

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