Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goals of 2013

It has been a while... like almost a month.  To be honest I haven't felt anything that I have written lately was worth posting.  Not that this is anything really worth writing about but I am hoping it will pull me out of my bloggy funk.  

So a quick update....

- Family visit went as well as I could have expected.  I mean there isn't much to do around here so it was a lot of playing cards and ::Shutter:: talking.  You can quickly run out of things to say when you have people here for several days.

- Christmas was simple and easy going this year.  We slept in, had a delicious breakfast and sat down and watched White Christmas.  It was extremely nice to ease into the morning just the two of us.  No family, no stress, and most importantly no drama.  It make me want to spend every holiday just this way.  

- New Years was spent pretty much the same was as Christmas.  We waited up until 11PM and watched the ball drop in New York.  Why because watching a moon pie drop in Mobile, Alabama just isn't anywhere close to being as exciting.  There for New Years will most likely be celebrated on eastern time for us. Well for now anyway.

Goals of 2013

Make healthier food choices - While I won't be doing any real fitness or diet goals this year, I am simply looking to make better food choices.  I need to take the time to go food shopping to keep healthy snack (my normal downfall) and lunch options in the house for me to turn to rather than shove whatever is closest in my pie hole.  Speaking of dessert, I don't really intend to stop eating them just moderate how often I am shoving actual pie in my pie hole.  I am proud to say I have started this as the holiday season was approaching in 2012.  I fully think that this really was the reason I only gained a pound if that over the holidays. 

Complete as many of my 101 in 1001 as possible - See as I have just over 400 days left to complete the list I better get moving on it.  So far I have only completed 22/101 things.  That's pretty bad in my book.There is a decent amount done but there is also a ways to go on it. You can view my 101 in 1001 list on the nav bar below my header. (if you are reading this before Jan 6th then my 101 in 1001 probably isn't posted)

Stock my deep freezer with as many pre-made and prepped meals as possible - We have a deep freezer that isn't being used for much at all.  We have some things but I feel it's not being utilized as much as it should be.  That being said the dreaded "deployment" word is being thrown around.  I know that if the freezer isn't stocked I resort back to my horrible eating habits.  This will obviously help me avoid that.  I am thinking 20 recipes doubled should work.

Clean out the storage room - Sadly we have a room in our house that has nothing but crap in it. Boxes we haven't gone through, endless craft supplies, and junk boxes.  None of which we have even looked at in years.  We just end  up moving them each and every location we are at.  That ends this year.  I am determined to go through each and every box in there and finally get organized.  I hate wasting useless weight on heavy boxes of crap!  I can pretty much bet that 80% of that stuff can be donated, sold, or tossed.  Easily that much.  

Read and/or sell any book on my bookshelf that I don't intend to read again - I have a bookshelf full of books that I haven't read but have been carrying around for the last five years.  No more.  I guess this is the year of organizing and downsizing because I just can't take the mass amount of crap we own and never use.  It true does bother me.  Anything not read or even attempted to be read will be placed in the yard sale box.  No excuses on this one.  In five years either I want to read it or I don't.  It's that simple.

I guess this works for now because I have a sink full of dishes calling my name.


  1. that's very brave of you to get rid of books. I need to, but I don't want to! ;)

    1. There is a long list of new books that I would like to purchase so in order to do so I need to thin out the ones I have.


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