Tuesday, January 29, 2013

do I have to eat that?

My diet is horrible lately.  Since we are moving we are trying to eat at home as much as possible and food shop as little as possible.  That pretty much means all we seem to eat lately is freezer meals I started to stock up on and the all the can goods scattered between the kitchen and the garage.  I am ashamed to admit I was unaware of just how much stuff we actually have.  It really kills me that I have had to throw a decent amount of it away because its expired.  This will get better once we move.  I have been meaning to get around to making a list of what we have so we can't just throw out that there is nothing to eat.  Clearly there is stuff to eat.  Nothing that may sound appealing at the time but there is stuff.  For now I will suck it up and eat stuff that I am not really wanting to eat just because we bought and I can't see throwing it out.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I try to go through my pantry and see what I have before going food shopping. It helped to reduce our bill some.

  2. Moving is hard! It is hard to balance everything.


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