Friday, January 11, 2013

Did that really just happen???

Yesterday was the day from Hell...  it just didn't start out that way.  I slept in and it was my first good night of sleep in over a week.  It was glorious.  I woke up just as hubby was getting ready for work.  We chatted a bit and he reminded me to call and see what was going on with the realtor about our down fence.  I left a message and waited for a call back.

I was clearly not prepared for what came next.  The call came in from the realtor.

Realtor:  I'm sorry to have to tell you this but the house you are currently renting is being sold.

Me: I'm sorry can you repeat that?

Realtor:  When your lease is up at the end of February you will have to make a choice to either vacate or switch to a renting month by month.

Me: um... what does that mean?

Realtor: Basically month by month means that you can stay in the house until it sells and then must vacate within 30 days of it being sold.

Me: um... I'm sorry What?  So basically we need to find a new rental home by the time our lease is up that's within our budget in an area that's over priced because of supply and demand.

Realtor: Pretty much

I went on to ask if there were any available rental homes in the neighborhood.  There is one but it's in the bad part of the neighborhood which clearly wasn't going to work.   All places I could find were 2-3 hundred more than we are currently paying.  Like I said above its basically because there is a lack of housing option in the area so it drives the rental prices way up.  Three hours into my search and several phone calls later I found a real possibility.  Good Neighborhood, Closer to Post, Similar Size, Fenced in back yard, and pet friendly to boot.  The best part was that the rent was $300 LESS then we are paying now.  SCORE!!!  things started to look up.  I called to talk to the owner (for rent by owner) turns out they are renting it through the same realtor we currently use and its not even listed yet.  I call them up and ask if it can be held that we were 99% sure we wanted.  We were even willing to sign for it sight unseen.  (It worked out kinda well the first time with out current house.  Except for the whole being thrown out on our butts part.)  She agreed to hold the property for a short time but would not allow us to sign for it until we did a walk through.  If we could do that within a week then it wouldn't be a problem.  Now we are just waiting for the owners to give us a time that would work for them.

The catch.

There is always a catch.  The rent will go up so that the realtor can get their cut.  If it stays at the very least the same price then it will be worth it. Anything below and we are sitting pretty.  Anything higher we then need to start looking again for a new place to move into.  Another catch is that the person looking to rent their home is military and they are still waiting for orders.  No Orders, no rental.  Which leaves us again looking for a new place.

What is stressing me out most of all is that Hunter will be in and out of the field the next few months and that this move is on us.  No easy military move here.  Nope not now when I need to be relaxed and not stressed.  Figuring out all the details of this move might slowly kill me.  I open any cabinet or closet and instantly feel sick to my stomach.

For now I will pray this works out and attempt to figure out where everything will go based off of this layout we got.


  1. I don't know if we told you, but our realtor (Candice Skinner) tried to pull a similar maneuver on us. They called us one day out of the blue and said our house was going up for sale. We retrieved and reviewed our originally signed lease agreement and it protected us, as renters, from having to move from the house before our lease was up and prevented the owners from putting the house up for sale before 1 month from the end of our lease agreement. Don't take the word of the realtors, ours definitely tried lying to us! Hope it all works out for the best!

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    2. Yeah we are going through that now.


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