Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A change in plans and lots of prayers

Now that the dust is starting to settle we can finally figure out what is going on with our lives.  We have had a total change in plans with what we are going to do.  We have (Fingers Crossed and lots of prayers) have made a reasonable offer on the house we are currently renting.  We are just waiting to see if it is accepted before moving forward with it.  We had always said that we would never buy a home unless we plan to move back there.  I can't emphasize this enough, WE NEVER WANT TO MOVE BACK HERE!  And I truly mean NEVER.  That is assuming the army doesn't send us back to this hell hole.  All that being said though this is a good post to buy near because it isn't going anywhere.  There is such a need for rental homes that they don't stay on the market very long at all.  Meaning we could easily rent this home out after we move.  The plan was clearly not what we originally thought it would be but are rolling with what we have. 

If for some reason (Praying we don't have to go this route) that doesn't work out then there have been several good options for us to move all within the current neighborhood we are in.  One is even down the street from us.  We clearly have several options.  Thankfully none of which included the tiny rental I mentioned a few posts back.  That obviously makes me very happy.

We have a new plan and are just praying it works out.  Now if only we could fast forward to the part where either we sign on the dotted line for this house or have already moved then I would be a very happy camper.


  1. How was I not following your blog before???

    I hope your house situation works out. We have the same general feelings towards Ft Campbell. I feel your pain, girl!

    1. Ah fort Campbell, that was on our list but we picked Fort Polk to be near friends (Mrs.k and Cpt J). You might have actually followed one of my old blogs as I have changed when we moved here. Glad you found me though!


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