Tuesday, January 29, 2013

do I have to eat that?

My diet is horrible lately.  Since we are moving we are trying to eat at home as much as possible and food shop as little as possible.  That pretty much means all we seem to eat lately is freezer meals I started to stock up on and the all the can goods scattered between the kitchen and the garage.  I am ashamed to admit I was unaware of just how much stuff we actually have.  It really kills me that I have had to throw a decent amount of it away because its expired.  This will get better once we move.  I have been meaning to get around to making a list of what we have so we can't just throw out that there is nothing to eat.  Clearly there is stuff to eat.  Nothing that may sound appealing at the time but there is stuff.  For now I will suck it up and eat stuff that I am not really wanting to eat just because we bought and I can't see throwing it out.

Friday, January 25, 2013


I am linking up with Mama M. from My Little Life 

<center><a href="http://fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com/" target="_blank" title="Five Question Friday"><imgborder="0"src="http://i607.photobucket.com/albums/tt155/fivecrookedhalos/th_w6r0jk.png" img /></a></center>

1. Do you embrace or dread snow/cold weather days?

I miss cold weather!!!! Louisiana Living is not really my cup of tea.  The high heat and humidity without any real benefit like the ocean or beach is kills me.

2. Which game show or reality show could you totally win?

I'm not really sure what I would do. I would love to say Project Runway or something like that but the truth is I suck at sewing so clearly that wouldn't work.  I could kick butt at press your luck.  The game show with the whammys. It doesn't really take much skill or anything but that's what I am going with.  

3.  What is your preferred climate?

I love temperate climates.  A place that has all four season but doesn't get extreme weather.  If you are going to throw me into a place that is a hot climate i need some benefit like the beach.  The same goes for the cold.  I better have the best ski resorts or beautiful mountains.  You get the idea.  

4. What do you buy every time you walk into the grocery store, no matter what?

I don't think there is any one thing I purchase when I go to the store.  I will always look at the beauty products but I don't purchase something from there every time.  I honestly can't think of a single item or type of items that I purchase every time I go to the grocery store.

5. If you see a spider /bug in the house, are you brave enough to kill it, or do you call for your hubby?

It depends on the spider / bug that is in the house.  I can take care of the numerous wolf spiders and other spiders that enter our home without an issue now.  However if a giant cricket or gecko come into the house I freak out.  Those are all hubby's to deal with.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My thoughts on Dance Moms

I have been watching this show from the very beginning.  I'll admit I got wrapped up in the drama among the moms from the start.  Throw any group of strong minded women together and its bound to cause problems.  However the more I watch the show the more I feel bad for the kids.  The Teacher takes her anger and aggression out on her students when it should be directed at the parents.  If your pissed a kid isn't showing up it's not the child's fault.

Growing up I was involved in dance and gymnastics.  I was good.  I was on a similar competitive team in both dance and gymnastics.  I went to the gym or the studio every day after school for several hours.  I also spent most of the weekends at one or the other.  My coaches and teachers were tough on me.  they pushed me to do my best.  They called me out when I was doing simple things wrong.  The catch is they did this is a way that made me better.  Never once did they tell me that I sucked or looked like crap during a performance.  They might tell me that threw away easy points by not focusing.  That I need to fix this or that the next time around.  When we got back into the gym or studio they would have me run that same routine again pointing out what needs to be fixed.  If i couldn't fix it they would teach me how to.  That is what a teacher or coach is supposed to do.

Abby is far from professional.  It may be her name on the building but i doubt she does the majority of work with the students.  She has assistants for that.  Ones that probably treat the kids they way they are supposed to.  Otherwise I highly doubt any parent would send their child there.  I don't mean to discredit her talent by any means.  If she is making up the routines like the show says she does then kudos to her.  But know your role.  You have no right to belittle children even for a TV show.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Its official...

We have a rental home. 

Last night was the first good night of sleep I have had since all of this was dropped in our laps.  The stress of not knowing was seriously getting to me.  While this whole situation isn't totally cleared up, I do feel better about it.  We still need to get out of our current contract (Prayers needed here) but we will be signing for the new home this afternoon and moving in on the first of the month.  This may mean that we are paying double rent but there is very little that we can do now as Hunter will be in and out of the field for the next several months and we need a place to live.

The new home is a bit bigger than we have now.  We will be moving into a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with a fenced in back yard.  

The good and the bad of the new house.

This keeps us in the same area and in a neighborhood I feel comfortable in.  It also keeps us near the good walmart (did I really just type that??? oh how far I have fallen.) and clearly still within driving distance to the better shopping area only an hour away.  Yippee!  Its the little things people.

the current rental with the fence down.
The new house has a fenced in back yard.  A well constructed, fenced in back yard I should add.  Our current rental's fence was a DIY project gone terribly terribly wrong.  On top of that half the fence has been down for close to a month and a half now.  I will be excited to let the dogs out once again and not have to be out there with them.  

We will be gaining an additional bedroom.  We are currently in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and will be moving to a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home.  It wasn't on purpose but for the additional rent at least we have additional house to show for it.  The down side is that it would appear that the builders took the 2 additional bedrooms from our house and attempted to make that space into 3 usable bedrooms.  I hope that's not really the truth but those bedrooms are much smaller than we would have liked.  we have already decided that one will be a guest bedroom, another storage and the last a multi-purpose room.  

I should add that despite the 3 rooms small size there is a decent amount of closet space in each.   

The paint situation in this house is horrible.  The owners clearly picked paint colors that reflected their decor without any thoughts to future renter.  Maroon, Green, Lavender, Yellow, Pastel Green and Pastel Blue are so not renter friendly.  Were is the Eggshell? or even Brown tone colors?  They are bad.  If we bought the new house (Which we def aren't) paint would be the first thing I would change.  Sadly we aren't even allowed to paint this place.  Not even one room.  Ugh. oh well.  It's just paint right!

A picture of the living room looking into the dining/kitchen with the owners furniture and decor.
The multipurpose room is for me something I am excited to have.  The computer desk and my craft table/sewing machine will get their own space.  Finally I don't have to pack and unpack my sewing machine each and every time I want to use it. The down side is this will also be where Hubby keeps his ugly huge safe but I guess I can deal with it since I get my crafting space. 

The bathrooms are a bit small but still easily workable.  The main loss is going from a double to a single sink (with lots of counter space) in the master bathroom.  We aren't in there all that often together so its not a big deal to me.  The same goes for the guest bathroom.  A single sink is just fine.

Another big space loss makes me a bit sad.  In the current house we have His and Hers walk in closets.  That's right I have the bigger closet and Hunter has the slightly small her one.  Its really not that huge of a deal because there is a large walk in closet in the new home.  It should be big enough for both the closets to combine.  This means that I will be doing all the closet organization as I loath even looking in Hunters closet.  It drives me nuts with all of the disorganization in his.

The final and most missed loss of space is in the kitchen.  We will have less counter and cabinet space than we currently have.  Which really is the builders fault as it could have been bigger with a simple layout change.  We love cooking so this one might take some moving around to make it work.  Its doable for sure as I feel we have A LOT of wasted space in the current kitchen.  We also have 2 cabinets that we use a the pantry since houses in the south seems to lack them from what I have experienced.  

The master bedroom is roughly the same size of our current one.  The added perk of the new house though is that the layout is far better.  We had a rough time when we first moved into this house because there are 4 awkwardly placed doors in the master making it difficult to arrange the furniture in the room.  The new house has 3 doors but they are in much better positions in the room for furniture layout.

The laundry room is amazing in the new house.  I never in my life thought i would say that.  But really it is.  Our current laundry room just fits our front loaders.  By just fits, I mean that you can walk in and open the washer or dryer door that graze the wall when its fully open.  The new laundry room had enough space for me to do cartwheels in.  OK that's an exaggeration but it will fit both front loaders, a shelving unit to use as a pantry, and our cleaning supplies WITH room to spare.  

Overall the move is a good one for us.  Well not the move itself, that will be a pain in the butt since I'm not just sitting back watching the movers do all the work.  But you know what I mean.  Now to box everything up and prep for the move. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A change in plans and lots of prayers

Now that the dust is starting to settle we can finally figure out what is going on with our lives.  We have had a total change in plans with what we are going to do.  We have (Fingers Crossed and lots of prayers) have made a reasonable offer on the house we are currently renting.  We are just waiting to see if it is accepted before moving forward with it.  We had always said that we would never buy a home unless we plan to move back there.  I can't emphasize this enough, WE NEVER WANT TO MOVE BACK HERE!  And I truly mean NEVER.  That is assuming the army doesn't send us back to this hell hole.  All that being said though this is a good post to buy near because it isn't going anywhere.  There is such a need for rental homes that they don't stay on the market very long at all.  Meaning we could easily rent this home out after we move.  The plan was clearly not what we originally thought it would be but are rolling with what we have. 

If for some reason (Praying we don't have to go this route) that doesn't work out then there have been several good options for us to move all within the current neighborhood we are in.  One is even down the street from us.  We clearly have several options.  Thankfully none of which included the tiny rental I mentioned a few posts back.  That obviously makes me very happy.

We have a new plan and are just praying it works out.  Now if only we could fast forward to the part where either we sign on the dotted line for this house or have already moved then I would be a very happy camper.

Monday, January 14, 2013

a Wish

I wish we could PCS from this hell hole they call Fort Polk as soon as possible.  I need out.  I truly am starting to resent the Army lifestyle.  We have thrown around the idea more than once for Hunter to get out.  He is majorly stressed and so am I.  Between this forced move, his job and all the personal stuff going on we are at the end of our ropes.  This is not working for us one bit.  Somethings has to give as I can't take 15 months more of this.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Did that really just happen???

Yesterday was the day from Hell...  it just didn't start out that way.  I slept in and it was my first good night of sleep in over a week.  It was glorious.  I woke up just as hubby was getting ready for work.  We chatted a bit and he reminded me to call and see what was going on with the realtor about our down fence.  I left a message and waited for a call back.

I was clearly not prepared for what came next.  The call came in from the realtor.

Realtor:  I'm sorry to have to tell you this but the house you are currently renting is being sold.

Me: I'm sorry can you repeat that?

Realtor:  When your lease is up at the end of February you will have to make a choice to either vacate or switch to a renting month by month.

Me: um... what does that mean?

Realtor: Basically month by month means that you can stay in the house until it sells and then must vacate within 30 days of it being sold.

Me: um... I'm sorry What?  So basically we need to find a new rental home by the time our lease is up that's within our budget in an area that's over priced because of supply and demand.

Realtor: Pretty much

I went on to ask if there were any available rental homes in the neighborhood.  There is one but it's in the bad part of the neighborhood which clearly wasn't going to work.   All places I could find were 2-3 hundred more than we are currently paying.  Like I said above its basically because there is a lack of housing option in the area so it drives the rental prices way up.  Three hours into my search and several phone calls later I found a real possibility.  Good Neighborhood, Closer to Post, Similar Size, Fenced in back yard, and pet friendly to boot.  The best part was that the rent was $300 LESS then we are paying now.  SCORE!!!  things started to look up.  I called to talk to the owner (for rent by owner) turns out they are renting it through the same realtor we currently use and its not even listed yet.  I call them up and ask if it can be held that we were 99% sure we wanted.  We were even willing to sign for it sight unseen.  (It worked out kinda well the first time with out current house.  Except for the whole being thrown out on our butts part.)  She agreed to hold the property for a short time but would not allow us to sign for it until we did a walk through.  If we could do that within a week then it wouldn't be a problem.  Now we are just waiting for the owners to give us a time that would work for them.

The catch.

There is always a catch.  The rent will go up so that the realtor can get their cut.  If it stays at the very least the same price then it will be worth it. Anything below and we are sitting pretty.  Anything higher we then need to start looking again for a new place to move into.  Another catch is that the person looking to rent their home is military and they are still waiting for orders.  No Orders, no rental.  Which leaves us again looking for a new place.

What is stressing me out most of all is that Hunter will be in and out of the field the next few months and that this move is on us.  No easy military move here.  Nope not now when I need to be relaxed and not stressed.  Figuring out all the details of this move might slowly kill me.  I open any cabinet or closet and instantly feel sick to my stomach.

For now I will pray this works out and attempt to figure out where everything will go based off of this layout we got.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goals of 2013

It has been a while... like almost a month.  To be honest I haven't felt anything that I have written lately was worth posting.  Not that this is anything really worth writing about but I am hoping it will pull me out of my bloggy funk.  

So a quick update....

- Family visit went as well as I could have expected.  I mean there isn't much to do around here so it was a lot of playing cards and ::Shutter:: talking.  You can quickly run out of things to say when you have people here for several days.

- Christmas was simple and easy going this year.  We slept in, had a delicious breakfast and sat down and watched White Christmas.  It was extremely nice to ease into the morning just the two of us.  No family, no stress, and most importantly no drama.  It make me want to spend every holiday just this way.  

- New Years was spent pretty much the same was as Christmas.  We waited up until 11PM and watched the ball drop in New York.  Why because watching a moon pie drop in Mobile, Alabama just isn't anywhere close to being as exciting.  There for New Years will most likely be celebrated on eastern time for us. Well for now anyway.

Goals of 2013

Make healthier food choices - While I won't be doing any real fitness or diet goals this year, I am simply looking to make better food choices.  I need to take the time to go food shopping to keep healthy snack (my normal downfall) and lunch options in the house for me to turn to rather than shove whatever is closest in my pie hole.  Speaking of dessert, I don't really intend to stop eating them just moderate how often I am shoving actual pie in my pie hole.  I am proud to say I have started this as the holiday season was approaching in 2012.  I fully think that this really was the reason I only gained a pound if that over the holidays. 

Complete as many of my 101 in 1001 as possible - See as I have just over 400 days left to complete the list I better get moving on it.  So far I have only completed 22/101 things.  That's pretty bad in my book.There is a decent amount done but there is also a ways to go on it. You can view my 101 in 1001 list on the nav bar below my header. (if you are reading this before Jan 6th then my 101 in 1001 probably isn't posted)

Stock my deep freezer with as many pre-made and prepped meals as possible - We have a deep freezer that isn't being used for much at all.  We have some things but I feel it's not being utilized as much as it should be.  That being said the dreaded "deployment" word is being thrown around.  I know that if the freezer isn't stocked I resort back to my horrible eating habits.  This will obviously help me avoid that.  I am thinking 20 recipes doubled should work.

Clean out the storage room - Sadly we have a room in our house that has nothing but crap in it. Boxes we haven't gone through, endless craft supplies, and junk boxes.  None of which we have even looked at in years.  We just end  up moving them each and every location we are at.  That ends this year.  I am determined to go through each and every box in there and finally get organized.  I hate wasting useless weight on heavy boxes of crap!  I can pretty much bet that 80% of that stuff can be donated, sold, or tossed.  Easily that much.  

Read and/or sell any book on my bookshelf that I don't intend to read again - I have a bookshelf full of books that I haven't read but have been carrying around for the last five years.  No more.  I guess this is the year of organizing and downsizing because I just can't take the mass amount of crap we own and never use.  It true does bother me.  Anything not read or even attempted to be read will be placed in the yard sale box.  No excuses on this one.  In five years either I want to read it or I don't.  It's that simple.

I guess this works for now because I have a sink full of dishes calling my name.

Barbie Hair Fixes Part 1

Let's jump right on into it.   Every doll hair fix tutorial I could find started with brushing out the dolls hair.  It may look worse...