Monday, December 3, 2012

Not so Ready For Inspection

My house is in a huge disarray.  I recently put up the Christmas tree, decorated, sorted the boxes that flooded into the house, wrapped all the gifts and placed them under the tree.

All while this guy just sat and stared at me.  Lazy sack of bones.  Oh, Hunter helped a bit too.  Wrapping some gifts and assisting me in putting up lights.  For the most part though it's left up to me.

In just three short days my in laws will be coming into town.  I enjoy their visit because it is mostly relaxing.   They expect to sit around and play cards, eat decent food and chat.  Lets face it there is little else to do here in middle of nowhere, Louisiana.  Like I said its enjoyable, except the fact that I feel like I am under inspection when they first arrive.

I have said this before (possibly even on here) that my mother in law "Loves to clean."  Her words not mine. I clean and even deep clean my house.  I just am not a fanatic about it.  Looking around at this very moment I can see a thin layer of dust on my bookshelf because I forgot to dust it last week.  There are also dirty dishes in the sink, a muddy foot print from one of the dogs under the table and at least 7 loads of laundry that I can count piled up in my entry awaiting their turn.  This would be totally unacceptable to her.

My stress level is through the roof at this point trying to get the entire house in perfect order for inspection.  One I am positive I will fail in some fashion.  However I will do my best and be OK with that.

So why am I here and not cleaning like a mad woman?  I needed a break from the cleaner fumes.  They were starting to get to me.  right now though, I am thinking a hot cup of tea and a small snack are calling my name before I get back for cleaning.  Wish me Luck!

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