Thursday, November 15, 2012

Throw back post to keep me going

Every now and then I look back at old posts.  This one reminded me why I started to workout again.  


Everyone I feel has those moments in their life when then know in their heart of hearts that they need to make a change.  While getting ready to go out I hit my breaking point.   I got dressed and went to put on my makeup.  I looked in the mirror and wow.  wow. wow. That's all I could think before tears started to well up in my eyes.  I looked horrible.  And before you start the doubting and saying "no she really couldn't have looked that bad".  Well, I did.  I looked that bad.  This was not just my imagination or hormones or anything else.  And let me assure you I'm not writing this looking for sympathy.  I'm in a sense venting and stating my breaking point.

In fact that moment standing the bathroom, was my realization that I need to make a change.  A serious change.  Staring at myself I could no longer just chalk up my extra weight to getting comfortable in my marriage, water weight, my period, the medicine I am on, last nights pasta dinner, the dryer shrinking my clothes, a miss sized garment, or any of the other million excuses I tell myself.  This is me saying that overall I need to be a significantly healthier person, not just say that I do!

I have been working out but not nearly as hard as I'm going to be. My workouts are very lackadaisical.  I do the minimum and expect the result.  Hello when has that ever worked for anyone?  It has never worked for me and it's never going to.  I'm only kidding myself here.

I think its about time I dust off my workout dvds and get going even though we are in the middle of a move. 
I might just be walking or running for the next week or so but its more than I am currently doing. 

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