Thursday, November 8, 2012

Passing it on

Occasionally I find a post that is just too good to not send you all there.

Now, I haven't talked about this on here before and I don't know if I really ever will but I am currently just shy of a two year journey struggling with infertility.  I bring this up only because I know that there are many of my friends both in real life and online that are going though this very struggle.  My heart goes out to you.

Now on to the post I was talking about.  It is often hard for other to know exactly how to react or respond to those going through infertility.  Trust me it isn't easy on either end of things when an off beat comment comes flying your way.  So to keep you from getting tripped up when trying to help support someone who is struggling with infertility I beg you to read the article below and really think before offering up some half thought comment or joke.

A special thanks to Paula From Infertility Wars for sharing this on her blog (where I first saw it!)

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