Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Gobble, Gobble

While facing difficulites in life I think that it's sometimes hard to step back and be thankful for what we already have.  I openly admitt to have been in an incredibly grumpy (that's putting it mildly) mood which means that I am nit picking everything that is wrong.  Focusing on the negative.  Today at least I would like to try and focus on the positive.

I am thankful ...

... For a warm, cozy house that we both love

... For two puppies that listen the majority of the time

... For the cooler "winter" weather in the deep south

... For Amazing friends

... For The many visits from family

... For having been in the same place as my husband for the past 3+ years

... For being able to not have to travel for the holiday's this year

... For finally having a good nights rest

... For my husband

... That Mason (the Honda) is still going strong after 10 years of abuse from me

... And my iPhone for that matter

... For amazing health care that covers just about everything

... For making through this past year

... For actually being at a real Post

... For the yummy deep fried turkey that only took 25 minutes to cook!

... For the days off

... For the relatively short drive to New Orleans (bring on Christmas vacation trip!)

... For the black friday sales so we can save some money

... For finally feeling better!

... For the Holiday Season

... That the house has remained relatively clean so that I will only need to touch things up before company comes.

... That we only have a bit over 2 years left here in Louisiana


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. We are thankful to have friends like you two here! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.

    1. You will be greatly missed when you are gone.


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