Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black friday recap

I am one of those crazy people that go black Friday shopping.  I have for the last 10 years.  It started out helping my aunt and grandma, then somehow it morphed into shopping for myself to save money on things i needed and now shopping for our family and friends.

I make it a goal of mine that if i am going to go brave the crazy holiday shopping I am going to be done with ALL of my shopping before I take my afternoon nap on Friday.  I even go as far as wrapping and label things as soon as possible as well so that I don't have to worry about anything on the week leading up to Christmas.

Last year this worked out perfectly.  We got everything needed and then some.  This year...  well lets just say it didn't go according to plan.

Where I was on line

This is where I was in line at Target at 6:30pm on Thursday.  Not to bad.  We weren't interested in any of the huge ticket items like TVs so we were sitting pretty.  That was until target was unable to control the crowds and piss a lot of people off by letting people standing on the sides in before those who had waited hours to get in.  Doors opened at 9pm on Thursday.  We had purchased our goods and were in the car at 9:40pm.  This is where I realized that this opening time is absolutely lame.  Not just for the obvious reasons you have heard people talking about all week but because the next store I wanted to go to didn't open until midnight.  I was not about to wait another 2 1/2 hours to go to another store.  

Honestly, if the stores all open relatively around the same time you get more customers.  For the simple fact that if I had waited until midnight to show up it would sure I would have hit up several stores but Target or WalMart that open incredibly early would have been too picked over for me to even bother going there.  

Overall it was the worst experience I have ever had black Friday shopping. The stores I wanted to go to are an hour away from me.  That was the first clue I should have stayed home and shopped online.  Target had no crowd control and extremely rude people.  I have never experienced that before in New York or in North Carolina.  Aggressive sure but flat out nasty, never.  

Sign number two came from the fact that after leaving the 2 stores we went to we only had 3 gifts for us and 1 for our families.  I was no where even close to being done Christmas shopping.  See this year we are staying home with each other.  This basically means we have to mail any physical gifts we purchase to the family member directly.  In the end it would be cheaper to purchase online verse in store to save on shipping.  

When we got home I did just that.  I jumped online and ordered far too much stuff.  I am not totally done holiday shopping though.  I have some one gift card to get, one items left to buy, and 2 stockings that need to be filled.  

Our biggest scores were a fire pit half off and all of the Harry Potter movies in blu ray for super super cheap.

part of our goods we scored super cheap!!!

Next year, I'm most likely staying in and shopping online.  I'll trying going out shopping once we move to a better location.

Anyone go Black Friday shopping or shop online?

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