Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Problem Filled Sewing Experiment

I decided that I needed to get my butt in gear and actually sew something more difficult than a burp cloth.  Enter a Double Sided Quilted Halloween Table Runner.  I know I am reaching for the moon here but I will never know if I can do it until I try.

I think it started out sort of shaky.  My biggest problem seems to be in cutting, which you do a lot when you are making subway tile shapes out of fabric.  I'm sure my inability to stick with the initial design didn't help much either in this area.  At any rate I got through with most of the fabric rectangles being the correct size and shape.

I laid all the squares out on the table how I wanted them to be.  This is when the second problem I learned.  Always always always iron the fabric before cutting.  Now that I think of it I wander if that would have helped with the cutting.  Anywho I proceeded to iron each and every piece of fabric so that it would be easier to sew.

After fixing that problem I moved on to sewing the pieces of fabric into strips.  You guessed it insert problems three and four.  Problem three was obvious but only after completing the first strip and laying it neatly down on top of the backing.  It was shorter than I had expected.  Yup I forgot about that little thing called seam allowance.  Yup I'm an idiot.  So I guess the project just lost a few inches all around.  Problem four was again another stupid error on my part.  I wasn't paying attention to which pieces I was sewing together.  When I had finished another strip I laid it down in place and sure enough the fabric in that pile were out of order.  For this project I wanted them in a specific order, which when I got distracted by the phone call or the dryer, not really sure which I managed to mess it up.  Luckily, I had cut extra pieces for this very reason.  I am now thankful I did that.

Next step was to iron the tiny seams flat.  This isn't so much a new problem but rather an annoyance.  The seams were small because of an earlier error in not taking into account the seam allowances.  Oh well nothing I can do now.

The last bit I did for the day turned out to be sewing the strips together.  one would think this would be easy but due to my horrible cutting skills and wobbly sown lines this too was yet another problem.  When I started I had the idea that subway tiles in a brick pattern would be best.  Sure enough I second guessed myself and went with a lines so they would be "even" (HA!).  Boy was I wrong.  With a bit of tugging, stretching and, resewing they were even.

So now I have 1/2 done Halloween Table runner that is still incomplete and full of problems.  I guess it could be considered a jump on next years project?  Right?

Sewing project - 1,278
Jenn - 0

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