Monday, September 24, 2012

Makeup Pinning

If you haven't wasted an hour pinning then you need to get started ;-) No seriously there are some great finds if you are willing to look.

Every once in a while I stumble across a gem or two that I'm glad to see getting pinned like crazy.  Below are two of my favorite makeup ones I have stumbled upon this week. 

Please note that this to show people where to place contour or highlight colors.  I absolutely cannot stand when I see someone who has very visible contour lines on their face.  Especially when they have little clue of what they are doing.  Many people already work with contour the eye area without ever even knowing it.  For the most part people do this fairly well.  Cheek and neck contour are a completely different story.

Some basic guidelines for this are simple.  Start buy using your fingers and feeling your face.  You want to find the spot below the cheek bone.  Some people this is easily visible and others not so much.  This is where the contouring should occur.  I see it all the time with improperly placed and it has a reverse effect making them have an odd face shape or making them look fuller faced then they really are.

Color choice for contouring is also something I see go terribly wrong.  You want to pick a foundation or bronzer that doesn't contain a single amount of shimmer, glitter or shine.   Likewise you don't want to go too dark in your choice.  General guideline I was taught is to go no more than 2-3 shades darker from what your skin tone currently is.  I would recommend starting to try this with a matte bronzer that isn't too dark for your skin tone.  Lightly place it in the correct area of the face and gently blend out the edges.  You don't want any harsh lines that will draw attention to what you are doing.  The better you get at this the more you can play around with it but stick with the basics if you are just beginning.  Less is always more.  You do not want to end up looking like the picture above.  It's a scary sight to see in person and trust me everyone will laugh and comment about it behind your back.

Like I said above most people contour their eyes reasonably well.  But did you know the placement can accentuate things you are trying to hide?  For example you can create the illusion that your eyes are closer together if you have wide set eyes.  In general most people use the average eye contouring in the picture below and sometimes it's not the best idea for our eye shape.  No, they aren't all listed below but I think it covers a good range. 

The next time you have extra time to when putting on your makeup try playing around with contouring.  It's not permanent so if you don't like the way it looks then just wash your face.  No harm in trying new things.

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