Saturday, September 22, 2012

I want these in my closet now!

I have been on Polyvore waaaaaay to much today! Here are a few things I would like to add to my closet in the near future.

Pop of Yellow

LOVE that mustard color!

Comfy orange

While I am not so sure that top would look good on me (hello large chest) the orange/gray look is super cute.  I am loving skinny jeans more than I think I should.

Teal and grey casual

Who doesn't love a casual go to outfit.  This is SOOOOO it for me!!!!!

Red and grey

Make those jeans a solid dark wash and I am sold.  I typically think red is bold look at me color so I avoid it.  I think that needs to stop now.  I want something red in my wardrobe.  Makeup doesn't count.


  1. Love the Vols gear you picked out! ;)

    1. hahaha love it. I don't mind rooting for them as long as they aren't playing my beloved Bama


Your thoughts?

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