Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A look back

I never in a million years thought that I would miss Alabama.  I do though.  I miss it terribly.  There I said it.  and it only hurt a little bit.  I spent the evening watching the chick flick "Sweet Home Alabama."  Half way through tears started streaming down my face.  Not because Jake still loved Melanie and she was finally starting to realize it.  It was because I missed Alabama.  I missed sitting in my kitchen with a hot cup of tea staring out the window at my puppies running around in the backyard through the colorful leaves.  I missed how in a days drive we could be visiting family.  I miss being close to things that may or may not include target and a chain resturant.  Oh how I have fallen down the hole by missing target even a little bit. That is a different post though for a different day.

I thought that I wouldn't miss Alabama.  The day we hopped in the car and set out to Louisiana felt like a great day to me.  I remember being so happy and excited.  Not nessecarily for the new location but for simply leaving Alabama.  There was plenty of things I wouldn't miss.  The old noisy neighbor from across the street for one thing.  Or those gross bugs that I would find in the house.  And the fact that the ac had to be set at 60 degrees just to keep the house at 75.  All things that got on my nerves constantly while we lived there. However now looking back those aren't things that come to mind when I think of the place that was our first home together.

I often wonder if I will look back on this place after hearing a jazz song blasting on my radio and think fondly of my time in Louisiana.  Will I focus on the good and forget about the bad like I have with Alabama?  I hope that while I would never want to settle in Alabama or Louisiana for good that I at least enjoy my time here to the best of my ability.  

Who knows in two years you might read a post at how I miss living 5 minutes from friends that feel like family and forget that the summers where so hot that being outdoors during daylight hours seemed unbareable.

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