Monday, September 24, 2012

Makeup Pinning

If you haven't wasted an hour pinning then you need to get started ;-) No seriously there are some great finds if you are willing to look.

Every once in a while I stumble across a gem or two that I'm glad to see getting pinned like crazy.  Below are two of my favorite makeup ones I have stumbled upon this week. 

Please note that this to show people where to place contour or highlight colors.  I absolutely cannot stand when I see someone who has very visible contour lines on their face.  Especially when they have little clue of what they are doing.  Many people already work with contour the eye area without ever even knowing it.  For the most part people do this fairly well.  Cheek and neck contour are a completely different story.

Some basic guidelines for this are simple.  Start buy using your fingers and feeling your face.  You want to find the spot below the cheek bone.  Some people this is easily visible and others not so much.  This is where the contouring should occur.  I see it all the time with improperly placed and it has a reverse effect making them have an odd face shape or making them look fuller faced then they really are.

Color choice for contouring is also something I see go terribly wrong.  You want to pick a foundation or bronzer that doesn't contain a single amount of shimmer, glitter or shine.   Likewise you don't want to go too dark in your choice.  General guideline I was taught is to go no more than 2-3 shades darker from what your skin tone currently is.  I would recommend starting to try this with a matte bronzer that isn't too dark for your skin tone.  Lightly place it in the correct area of the face and gently blend out the edges.  You don't want any harsh lines that will draw attention to what you are doing.  The better you get at this the more you can play around with it but stick with the basics if you are just beginning.  Less is always more.  You do not want to end up looking like the picture above.  It's a scary sight to see in person and trust me everyone will laugh and comment about it behind your back.

Like I said above most people contour their eyes reasonably well.  But did you know the placement can accentuate things you are trying to hide?  For example you can create the illusion that your eyes are closer together if you have wide set eyes.  In general most people use the average eye contouring in the picture below and sometimes it's not the best idea for our eye shape.  No, they aren't all listed below but I think it covers a good range. 

The next time you have extra time to when putting on your makeup try playing around with contouring.  It's not permanent so if you don't like the way it looks then just wash your face.  No harm in trying new things.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I want these in my closet now!

I have been on Polyvore waaaaaay to much today! Here are a few things I would like to add to my closet in the near future.

Pop of Yellow

LOVE that mustard color!

Comfy orange

While I am not so sure that top would look good on me (hello large chest) the orange/gray look is super cute.  I am loving skinny jeans more than I think I should.

Teal and grey casual

Who doesn't love a casual go to outfit.  This is SOOOOO it for me!!!!!

Red and grey

Make those jeans a solid dark wash and I am sold.  I typically think red is bold look at me color so I avoid it.  I think that needs to stop now.  I want something red in my wardrobe.  Makeup doesn't count.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

No so much June

We dont have kids, I dont have a job right now and our house isnt spotless. Dinner isnt on the table and sometimes not even in the oven when Hunter gets home and there is always a pile of laundry that needs to be done. Needless to say I am no June Cleaver.

Dont get me wrong here I dont just sit on the couch eatting bon bons all day. I clean up throughout the day, workout, play with the dogs a bit, and then have a bit of me time. I know it frustrates hubby when he comes home from work and there is a sink full of dishes that need to be washed but I chose to read a book instead of washing the dishes.

For me its self preservation. I wont spend everyday cleaning despite the fact that I like having a spotless house.  I would go nuts and get resentful.  The only time that reallt happens though is when my in laws are coming. My mother in law admittedly "loves" cleaning. That is not me nor will it ever be.  I clean one room, maybe two top to bottom during the week with the occasional load of laundry thrown in. I'm happy with that and like it or not Hubby will have to deal. 

How do you stay at home wives and moms do it?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I have a love hate relationship with...

My 1st Edition Nook.  
Start up screen

Its not fancy and by now I am sure you all have seen, own, or at least tried out an eReader in the store.  I needed a reads like paper on because I can't stare at computer screen for too long without it bothering my eyes or giving me a headache.  The reads like paper screen with a touch screen navigations is perfect to me.  I have looked at the new Simple Touch Nook and I really am not pleased with it.  I will stick with this for now.

So why a Nook and not a Kindle?  The Nook allowed for more formats of ebooks than the Kindle at the time we picked these up.  I have no clue if that has changed now or not for either the products.  Our Library had a ton of ebooks we could borrow and the Nook allowed us to do that.

Open to the cover of a book with active touch screen

The added bulkiness and weight of our books grows at each and every location as we acquire more books that we love.  I sort of expect it to.  If it were left up to me I would have a library that would rival Belles from Beauty and the Beast.  However with Hunter being in the military for the foreseeable future, that extra weight isn't really a good thing.  

For those of you not living the military lifestyle let me take a second to clue you in.  The military pays to box up and ship your goods to each and every location you go to.  It's sort of a bit of compensation for making you move every 2-3 years.  That being said they will only pay for "X" amount of weight per number of members in your family.  Essentially the more family members the more weight you are allowed.  To my knowledge rank doesn't have much to do with this but I am not positive about that so don't quote me on it.  This all means that if I want to ship a 1,000 pounds of books the military will gladly put them in a box (hopefully keeping them in good condition), throw the box on a truck(um... I mean, bring it to my new home, and put it the box in whatever room I want it in.  

However you also need to keep in mind that you have furniture, pictures, clothing, kitchen supplies, etc that all need to get packed up, weighed and sent to the new location.  This then becomes a matter of what you want your weight to be used up on.  For me I would rather it but things like my wardrobe or craft supplies.  Not on heavy books.  Hence the Nook is a smart investment for us.  I can store, reread, share (more on that later) and enjoy my favorite books in one convenient compact location that can all fit in my purse.

Like I said in the title thought this is a love hate relationship I have with it.  While there are many great things about the Nook, it has it's flaws.  They have started to annoy me as of late.  It breaks down into two reasons that for the life me I can't seem to wrap my head around. 


Why on earth is the ebook more expensive than the hard copy is?????
Screen shot from Barnes and Noble Website

Sorry I know that is blurry and all but it says $2.99 for a Hardcore and $7.99 for the NOOK Book.  Granted this is on sale but its pretty common for the ebook to be more expensive than the physical copy of the book.  Sometimes it is less by only a dollar or two.  Ok I get it. I know there are royalties and yada, yada, yada, but give me a break.  It clearly costs much less to "produce" an ebook than then physical copy so it should be reflected in the price.  I have the same problem with iTunes when the cd is cheaper for the same thing.  It just shouldn't be this way.


The Lend Me Program that Barnes and Noble has incorporated with the Nook

This may or may not be a Barnes and Noble Nook problem per-say but more of an ebook problem.  Regardless its a flaw in the system.

The Lend me program is a great concept.  A friend in your Nook network sends you a message asking to borrow a book.  You click accept.  The book gets slotted into a separate folder where you won't be able to access it until it is returned.  In the folder it tells you who has what and when thy borrowed it.  It gives them 10 days total with the book before automatically returning it.  When those 10 days are up if they aren't finished they must send another message and you go through the process once again.  You can also recall the book anytime you would like.

Let me just say its not all totally bad.  The recall feature is a nice added bonus.  There are always that person you lend something to and never see it again.  This lets you get your book back if you need it.  However I suppose the automatic return does that for you as well.

OK, clearly 10 days isn't enough time to finish every book.  The average library gives 15 - 30 days per book based on an average reading speed and the notion that the person is reading said book for 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday.  That makes sense.  The bigger the book the more time you will need to read it.  Following the library standards would help to make this Lend me program better.

There are other flaws in this program.  It limits the number of books you can lend out at a time, who you can lend it to, and how many times each book is lent out.  

I don't know about you but when I go to the store, Barnes and Noble lets say and buy a book, I can and will lend out that book as many times as I want, to as many people as I want and for as long as I want.  To my knowledge there is nothing wrong with this since I am not copying the product to give to multiple people at once.  The same should hold true for my ebooks.  I buy a book and lend it out one at a time to whomever I chose.  

Taking into account that you can only lend to Nook users, fine I get it.  You want to keep the purchased ebooks on your own product.  I even think it's right that you can't access the book while it is lent out because thats exactly how it is when you lend a book in real life. 

I know that there are copyright laws and such that all conventional libraries must adhere to by law.  My personal Library is not held to such high standards and as such I believe I should be allowed to do what I lend freely the books I purchase be it ebook or a physical copy.

I will step off my soap box now about then lending program.


When it comes down to it the Nook is a great thing to have regardless of its flaws.  I have enjoyed several good books on it.  Some of which I am sure I will read again at some point.

Hindsight being 20/20, I don't think we needed to buy two of them seeing as we hardly use it to it's full potential due to the high cost of ebooks.  I will generally buy what is cheaper because that is the type of person I am.   That and they both have been sitting collecting dust on the bookshelf since I started the Harry Potter series.  Hunter's has a bit more dust on it than mine.  Oh well.

How many of you have an eReader?  Do you love it or hate it? 


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The one where I talk about things I shouldn't

I rarely discuss religion on my blog.  For the simple fact that I hate to talk about the three big no no topics, Money, Religion, and Politics.  All things that spark such a huge amount of emotion in people that can and often does lead to drama.  Since this is my blog and my place to speak my mind here it is.

Today I am breaking that rule to discuss religion.  More specifically my religion.  Or lack there of.  I was raised Episcopalian, converted to Pentecostal, and now I say I am Non Denominational.  Really thought to me non denominational means I follow Christian values and beliefs but I am not really sure which Church matches up with my personal beliefs.

I am torn.  I have been for quite a few years now.  This thought process only got harder upon marrying Hunter.  He is a Catholic.  As you all know Catholicism comes this its own set of rules and customs.  It's a far more intense version of the Episcopal Church that I know.  Similar "Catholic Exercise"... Stand up, kneel, Sit, Stand up, sit... you get the picture.  They have a similar line of beliefs and customs.  Only remove confession, allow priest to marry, allow parishioners to get divorced, re work the hierarchy within the church a bit and you have a simple version of the Episcopal Church.  Ok maybe there are several more things that make it nothing like the Catholic Church.  You can read about that by clicking the link above, but you get my point.  I left not because I had any problem with the church or it's views.  My family simply started going to another church to which I didn't have much of a choice in the matter since I was still in high school.

My beliefs for years have fallen in line with the Episcopalian Church.  Then (No I am not going to get into much details about it) I converted to Pentecostal.  I whole heartedly embraced it.  You know after the whole I don't wanna be here thing got old for even me.  Anything that could straighten up my family was worth looking into.  Then after several years the rose colored glasses came off.  The faults in the way the church was run became more and more apparent.  It wasn't the religion itself that I had an issue with per-say.  More in the workings of the people who ran the church.  It still turned me off to the religion.  I know fully well that other church's may or may not be like the pentecostal one I attended but to be honest I really didn't have much of a drive to even try a new one so I just abstained from going to any church at all.

Then Hunter came along.  He doesn't believe, to my knowledge, in everything about that the Catholic Church  practices but enough to stick with it come hell or high water.  A true Catholic born and raised.  We were married in the Catholic Church.   I didn't have a strong enough conviction about religion and Hunter did so I agreed with what he wanted.  I did however not want a full mass with the wedding.  So we had to attend church the following day.  I believe this was more for is parents than it really was for him.

So here we are.  A Catholic and an I don't know what happily married and talking about children.  I want our children to be raised with some type of religious up bringing.  I really feel that they need that foundation through at least high school.  Then they can do whatever it is that they would like and I will love them just the same.  I have agreed with Hunter that we will raise our children in the Catholic religion but be exposed to my religion as well.  The thing is how am I supposed to show our children my religion when I am not even sure what it is.

I mean I think the Catholic Church is ok I don't believe in praying rote prayers for everything.  Nor do I really believe in confession.  I do however like the fact that is maintains its values and standards even if it does seem to be to a fault at times.

Don't get me wrong I am an equal opportunity discriminator.  The pentecostal church can often be tight knit and tough on outsiders.  It does really turn people away when its members have that superior attitude.  Or the preacher is ranting about fire and brimstone all the time.

I can go on and on about all the religions I have mentioned in this post but I will spare you all of my mass amount of thoughts individually on them.

What it comes down to is that I feel like I need to chose and establish myself in a religion before having children.  The obvious choice is to turn to Catholicism because thats what Hunter firmly believes and I have agreed to bring our children up in.  Them making all the sacraments, attending CCD and such.  I don't want to seem like I am against what they will be doing even if don't totally agree with the Catholic practices.

After all I want to be a united front.... wait that sounded far to military for my liking... um.... united household.  Much better.  I mean I know in the bible it say a house divided shall not stand.  Please don't ask me for chapter and verse as I simple don't know it or feel like looking up at this late hour.   Clearly that is what I want.  Hunter will never change religions nor would I ask him to but he is willing to occasionally attend services at whichever church I chose to follow.  Granted, I think anything other than Episcopalian would seem extreme to him.

So to convert or not to convert that is the question.

It is not a simple process to convert as you expect.  The Catholic's don't want just anyone to join them.  You really have to want it.  Sort of like Judaism.  There are classes to take, books to read, prayers to learn.  Thankfully my sister in law is coming into town in a few weeks and she can give me more insight as to why she converted to Catholicism.

My reasons for converting are simple.  I would be to create that united household.  That makes it easier in raising out children and far less confusing.  I clearly don't want our kids wondering why mommy and daddy are going to different churches.  Realistically that won't work for very long.

I also would like to get back into church.  I think my butt needs to be in a seat somewhere on sunday mornings... or saturday night.  It can only help me grow as a person for the better.  Food for my brain or heart isn't a bad thing.  I wonder that since I am not Catholic am I keeping Hunter from going every week when he knows I don't feel totally comfortable going.  Certainly I don't want to hinder him from anything.  

This clealry isn't a decision I will be making this coming Sunday.  When I make a decision I want it to be the right one for me and our family.  For now I guess I will start with a bible study, She Reads Truth.  You have to start somewhere and this seems like a good place to me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A look back

I never in a million years thought that I would miss Alabama.  I do though.  I miss it terribly.  There I said it.  and it only hurt a little bit.  I spent the evening watching the chick flick "Sweet Home Alabama."  Half way through tears started streaming down my face.  Not because Jake still loved Melanie and she was finally starting to realize it.  It was because I missed Alabama.  I missed sitting in my kitchen with a hot cup of tea staring out the window at my puppies running around in the backyard through the colorful leaves.  I missed how in a days drive we could be visiting family.  I miss being close to things that may or may not include target and a chain resturant.  Oh how I have fallen down the hole by missing target even a little bit. That is a different post though for a different day.

I thought that I wouldn't miss Alabama.  The day we hopped in the car and set out to Louisiana felt like a great day to me.  I remember being so happy and excited.  Not nessecarily for the new location but for simply leaving Alabama.  There was plenty of things I wouldn't miss.  The old noisy neighbor from across the street for one thing.  Or those gross bugs that I would find in the house.  And the fact that the ac had to be set at 60 degrees just to keep the house at 75.  All things that got on my nerves constantly while we lived there. However now looking back those aren't things that come to mind when I think of the place that was our first home together.

I often wonder if I will look back on this place after hearing a jazz song blasting on my radio and think fondly of my time in Louisiana.  Will I focus on the good and forget about the bad like I have with Alabama?  I hope that while I would never want to settle in Alabama or Louisiana for good that I at least enjoy my time here to the best of my ability.  

Who knows in two years you might read a post at how I miss living 5 minutes from friends that feel like family and forget that the summers where so hot that being outdoors during daylight hours seemed unbareable.

Barbie Hair Fixes Part 1

Let's jump right on into it.   Every doll hair fix tutorial I could find started with brushing out the dolls hair.  It may look worse...