Friday, March 16, 2012

Louisiana Day 30

So I have been in Louisiana for a total of 30 days.  Granted the first night was spend in a hotel several hours north of our new post.  This also clearly means the second day was spent driving to our new home.  It was hard to take in a lot of the surrounding on that first day as we each were driving and trying not to get lost.  I'll admit I was half hoping to see and Alligator Crossing sign which might not really exist but in my mind Louisiana would be a proper place for it. 

I am glad to say that I am enjoying this new place.  It is nice to finally have a PX and Commissary.  Two things we didn't have at our last location.  The mom and pop shops have taken over meaning there are very few chain stores or restaurants around here.  That can be a double edge sword many time.  However a quick, by quick I mean an hour drive, to one of the two big towns and you can find just about anything you need.  That is except forever 21, Ulta, and Sephora.  That was a huge hit for me because we had those all within driving distance at our last location.  Oh well.  I guess you take the good with the bad. 

The puppies are adjusting.  Duke is doing far better than Coco.  They both are still a bit on edge with the new sounds of living in a pretty active development.  Car doors, door bells, and the garbage man is enough to send both dogs barking at the door thinking someone is trying to break in.  It wouldn't be so bad it they could at least distinguish real sounds from the from the sounds on the t.v. 

Coco is having the hardest adjustment to this new place.  We are attempting to give them more freedom here.  Allowing them to roam freely around the house 24/7 and even leaving them out of the crate while we take quick trips to the store.  This worked beautifully before the furniture came and even a couple of time after that. Recently though Coco has been digging through the bathroom garbage cans looking for empty toilet paper tubs and shredding them.  It's a minor complaint but I am afraid it is slowly getting worse.  Last time we left them out Coco started shredding the flap of moving box we had started to unpack.  Then a few days ago Hunter left a brand new roll of toilet paper on the edge of the tub and Coco helped herself right to it.  These are minor things I know.  It's not like she is suddenly chewing furniture or chomping on the molding.  I guess I am just afraid to come home one day and find our clothes or shoes tore up.  We are at a loss for what to do with her.  We have modified the environment (ie putting trash cans under the sinks, removing excess boxes, etc) in hope that it would stop.  We have even gone back to putting a gate up at night so they are confined to our bedroom. Any ideas on what I can do?  I am at a loss here people.

On a happier note we are having a blast hanging out with Mrs K and her wonderful family.  She got everyone together (even the puppies) for our first Crawfish Boil.  Its was incredibly yummy! 

We are hoping to be able to do our own when Hunter's family comes down to visit.  I also am trying to cook more Cajun and Creole foods in an effort to get better at cooking in general.  I think I might need to hit up the library here soon for some cookbooks to help me with this. 

So far, so good when it comes to life in Louisiana. 

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