Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today is my 725 day in Alabama.  It is also our very last day here.  At least for now, who knows where the Army will send us.  The house has been packed up, the cars are loaded, and the keys have been turned in.  I am not sure how I feel about leaving here.  I a mixed bag of emotions.  One day I am happy and ready to get out of here.  The next I am tearfully remembering how the puppies couldn't climb up a single step or looking back at the nervousness I would get in the pit of my stomach when I drove around town those first few times by myself.   All of these come with living the military lifestyle.  You will move.  You will miss the places you were at.  You will treasure the memories you build in each and every location.

As you read this I am in route to our new home in Louisiana.  I look forward to the new experience.

Louisiana Here we come!!

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