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Storage Unit

The day after we arrived in San Antonio, we pulled out just what we needed to make it a week in the regular hotel before moving to the extended stay location.  The cars were packed and I mean packed!  It also doesn't convey a professional look to hubby's new employer to drive in every day with a car full of our suitcases.  Neither of us felt comfortable leaving the cars like this long term.  I feel like it screams "come rob me" sitting in the parking lot of our hotel.

This is how we drove from New York.  The stuff strapped to the outside and car top carrier is just too much for everyday life.  Thankfully, there was a unit in the smaller size that we wanted.

The pups had to come with since we left the crates with family.  We planned on picking up a new one when we got here.  They were in terrible shape but were good enough to hold onto for short trips if we brought the dogs or other family members brought over theirs.

We kept the car with the pups and the kids running (A…

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