Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: Makeup Edition

I have been diving back into makeup lately and having some fun with new products and rediscovering ones lost in my makeup cabinet.  Nothing I talk about is sponsored and I do not get paid in any manner for clicking on the links in this post.  I simply think good products deserve praise!  Let’s jump right in! 

This is my favorite combo for long thick lashes.  If you can get over the non-traditional wand it’s worth trying.  I tried the lash primer when I ran out of my Benefit tinted they’re real primer.  I’m not sure I will go back! While I loved the tinted aspect of the benefit product this one gave me as good of a coverage and length as the high end one for a fraction of the price.

No7 matte liquid lips in Grace is my favorite color at the moment.  It doesn't dry completely but it also is not sticky.  The pigment is amazing.  My one and only complaint is that there aren't enough colors in the line.  There are maybe eight colors in total.  I wish there were more. 

The brush for buffing out a liquid foundation and even concealers is one of my favorite brushes.  Believe me, I own A LOT of makeup brushes but this is one of my favorites by far.  The density of this is amazing at giving a natural finish on the face.  It's a bit of a pain to clean but most high density are the same way.  

I'm a fan of high-end eyeshadows, I genuinely think that the pigment and quality are far better than the drugstore brands.  That said I picked this up with the intent to try it out, maybe use it a bit before breaking out the makeup and making it into play makeup for Eve.  This turned out far better than I expected!  The majority if the shadows are well pigmented especially the top and bottom transition shades.  The shimmers work well but must be applied wet for best results. 

The Marc Jacobs gel eyeliner is one of my favorite black eyeliners.  I have never purchased one but I have gone through dozens of them.  These are one the Sephora rewards items and I usually pick up a few of them for the birthday or leftover rewards.  They can typically be found in store but occasionally online.  It's a true black on the eye and such a smooth application.  Well worth the 100 rewards points.

What makeup products are you loving lately?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Local Flea Market

After picking up a find from a lady that flips storage units, she told me about this flea market that open rain or shine.  She has a few spots that she sells the stuff she gets out of.  The sign boost over 500 sellers and that's probably not far from the truth.  There are plenty that takes up multiple spots but wow is this place packed!

We went on a Sunday morning and I was warned to arrive early.  This was not wrong!  I'm sure Saturday is even crazier first thing in the morning.   We waited a bit and planned to take a second (or third) loop around the place to see everyone open up.  Sunday's seem to be a slow start for the sellers.  Most didn't open up until 8:30am to 9am.   

This place is a great concept.  There are different spots to rent.  The first is a standard parking spot like what you would have at a standard tag sale at say a church.   The next a shed that you open the door and sell out of.  The rest is attached to the roofed areas. 

Sorry for the blurry iPhone pictures but I was trying to be respectful of the sellers.  The spots under the roofed area are ones you can back your truck up to.  Some pop up tents and use their parking spot to extend their stalls.  There is wooden shed that meets the roof line and the storage units that you open the garage style door.  I think there was very few closed or vacant spot.

Like I said, we arrived early and they didn’t really start setting up until later.  We walked around and found the spots we knew we needed to stop at then popped back around.  

I was surprised to that so many people left their items out or unattended but happy to see no one messed with them.  This went for the garage-style units like these and the parking spaces.  

One of the sellers that has some cute stuff was this little old Mexican grandma that was selling decorative tiles and bowls.  I need to find an excuse to pick up some of these times for a craft project or something!

This was the other half of her shop.  She had beautiful bowls and metal flowers of various sizes.  This woman was also the sweetest lady I spoke with the whole day!

I stopped off at the seller that I had come there for and picked up several items as you can see below.  Hubby has projects to fix up a well-loved item and I have more cleaning to do.  Something comes in something goes out!

The ducks that are laying down on the right side I had looked at several times and we back to twice which means I should have got them.  They were small wooden ducks but hand painted.  I find them incredibly beautiful and wanted to pick up 2-3 to display on a shelf.  One of the reasons behind this is because our street and others in the neighborhood are all named after birds.  Many of them, like ours, are names after ducks.  They did not have our particular one but they are pretty none the less.

The last item we picked up was the windmill from a seller just as we were leaving.  He asked a fair price and walked away happy.  It will go outside above our garage door.  

The car was loaded with our goodies and my yard sale funds a bit lighter so it was time to head home.  

I know I will come back but not too often as some of the stuff looks like it sits for a while.  I would also like to try going on a Saturday.  It seems like they would start closer to on time then and have just dropped off the new goods since it’s only open Saturdays and Sundays.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Floral Cornucopia

It’s not often that Hubby brings home flowers, but when he does it’s a pleasant surprise.  I am hoping that I can keep it alive for Thanksgiving. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

30 Days of Thankfulness (Days 1-10)

It’s another year and another opportunity to take stock in the good things in life each and every day.  Big or small there is always something to be thankful for.  In November for the past several years, I have participated in 30 days of Thankfulness this year is no different.  Just like last year, I will group these photos together for a total of 3 posts on here but the same photos will be posted daily on Instagram.  On here I am hoping to go a bit more into a deal.  Leave a comment below and let me know something you have been thankful for these past few days!

Day 1

This day just happened to be one of those days.  The kind where nothing goes right and all you want to fast forward to the next day.  While attempting to make lunch from for Eve out of the scraps in the fridge I realized we had nothing for dinner and that I desperately need to go food shopping.  Then I remember we keep some freezer and shelf stable meals on hand for just this occasion.  We had green soup and chili but no rice.  Then there was a couple of pasta dishes I could throw together but we just had pasta the night before and it had t gone over great.  Then the breakfast hash popped into my mind.  We had eggs but no bell pepper.  Which is fine because I had everything else.  Pantry meal to the rescue!

Day 2

On day 2 both Hubby and I woke up with migraines.  We took it easy most of the day but after picking Bear up from school went out to dinner then food shopping for some essentials.  Hubby suggested a movie and since we hadn’t seen Ant-Man and the Wasp we picked it up.  It was better than I thought it would be.  A relaxing movie night was exactly what we both needed.

Day 3

After stopping and starting over and over again while going through the kids' clothes it is finally done!  It took me a lot longer than I expected to because of the kids and life, but it's complete.  I could not be happier about it.  In part, the reason it takes so long is that I sort it all into piles (keep for family, temporarily keep for Eve, Sell, donate, and toss)  It's a lot but it keeps me from going through the clothes multiple times.  Sure there are always stragglers from the laundry but it's easy to keep up with once sorted.  Eve's took twice as long as Bear's because I had to go through so many stinking bags of clothes.  Thankfully from here on out the clothes only take up one bag per size.  I also have been through them once before which makes it that much easier.  It will likely be another year before I have to do this again.  

Day 4

While we were out at the flea market we ran across this windmill.  We really liked and picked it up with the hopes that the HOA would approve of us hanging it here above the garage.  The approval was quick and without any hang-ups.  It fits the space better than I thought it would.  It will also make out house stand out a little bit among the other ones that are similar in color and style.

Day 5

When mom is sick it’s easy for the kids to be wild and crazy.  I’m just so beyond thankful that on this particular day Bear and Eve were behaving themselves when I had no voice and no desire to deal with wild kids.  They really are great kids that know when to push the limits and when to sit back and follow the rules.  

Day 6

Eve was fighting to stay awake during her much-needed naptime.  She fought it so long she completely missed.  We needed to pick up Bear from school so I put her in the car and within 2 minutes she was out.  I was able to take her out of the car seat at school, pick up Bear, and put her back into the car seat without waking her up.  We sat in the driveway for another 20 minutes.  I’m thankful this kid can sleep anywhere!

Day 7

Our sweet pups turned 8 years old today (Nov 7th).  They are well-behaved, attention- seeking, big lugs but I love them.  We don’t know how many more years left we have with but I will soak it in while I have the chance.  I love you, Duke and Coco!  Happy Birthday! 

Day 8

New or old things break when you are a homeowner.  They need to be fixed properly which is why I am so beyond thankful this is covered under our warranty. That means the builder will do the work and most importantly assume the cost.  Something we don’t have to worry about at this moment.  Though we have been planning for the future when they aren’t taking care of the bill!  Oh, the joys of home ownership!

Day 9

We live close to the school so I pick Bear up every day.  Pickup is in the middle of Eve's nap time so every day I try to quietly transfer her from the crib to the car seat without waking her up.  This day I was able to make a seamless transition and even remembered my coffee.  I sat in the car watching Bear play on the playground an enjoying the silence while it lasted.  That 30 minutes was exactly what I needed!

Day 10

We found an amazing new babysitter so it gives us the opportunity to spend time without the kids.  I've mentioned before that we do afternoon dates that we prefer doing.  This time we went out for Thai food then to At Home to look at the artwork for the house.  This seems to be the trend for us to eat a meal and chat then head to a store or run errands.  It's not totally glamours but we don't mind it. It's just nice to spend time out and about without the kids.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Keeping the Cycle Going

I mentioned that many people in the neighborhood put items out on the curb for free and folks are welcome to have at it!  We have obviously taken advantage of this while we have been here so we have no problem putting some things out on the curb for people to pick up.  I posted this and less than 10 minutes it was gone.  This is something that just doesn't work for us so it has to go!

The bag has seen better days but its still there.  It is complete but doesn't work for us anymore.  I'm not a fan of the style with the pinecones and what not.  That said someone else will get to use this tree.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Changing Over kids clothes

When kids are little you end up changing out their clothes every couple of months.  Thankfully the older they get the longer they stay in a single size of clothes.  I have been waiting for the day that Eve moved into 2T clothes because it meant that she wouldn't be changing over clothes all that often.  She shot up one weekend and so I was prepping myself to change over her clothes.  Then Bear hit a growth spurt and needed his clothes changed out.  Over the weekend I set myself a lofty goal to change over both kids clothes.
There was about a laundry basket full for each kid.  A bit more for Eve as she had some of Bears old clothes in the mix that she had been using.  Their laundry had just been put on that morning and instead of waiting I jumped right in. My plan was to start with Bears clothes.  I needed to sort them into the various piles. 

After turning on a chick flick during nap time I decided the piles needed to be...

1. Save for family - only the best of the best make it!
2. Save for Eve to use - anything holiday related or what she is missing.  Most will be sold later.
3. Sell - load the bin up!
4. Donate - some stuff that isn’t worth selling but still usable. 

Going through Bears clothes was easy.  His school clothes and his play clothes all end up getting sold as they are in the worst condition.  Most are hand me downs so by the time a second little boy wears them they have seen better days.  The rest is the stuff he’s barely worn or it’s just too cute to not pass it on to the family.  In the picture below, the space saver bag to the right of the pop up hamper is all that I have kept for sizes 2T and 3T from Bear’s wardrobe.  What I need to do is add this to the other partial bag of boys clothes and it will cover from preemie to 3T in just one neat and tidy bag.  The pop up hampers below the small pile of clothes to the left of it are saved for Eve but will be sold when she outgrows that size.  Until then why buy her new stuff when this works just fine.
The bins are labeled and filled with all the stuff I now need to sell.  I’m hoping to get people to come and pick through buying things for a $1-$5 per item.  This will keep me from having to post it individually online.  Though I will if I have to.  The black basket is the same one from the picture above. I know Eve is missing pajamas so I kept those out for now.  Holiday shirts I also kept.  They may or may not be sold later.  It all depends on their condition.  Since they aren’t used much and most were bought new for Bear, they aren’t as worn as some of the other stuff.  Then I kept a couple of shirts and pants that she can use as play clothes.  

When it was all said and done, this basket below is Bears new wardrobe.  I found out he needed some athletic pants and a Jacket.  He also didn’t have much holiday stuff aside from pajamas I could easily pick it up for him to use.  
Hubby and Bear had just come back from the park when I was putting his clothes into his dresser signifying my time was up for this project.  Two hours to go through and package all of his stuff so Eve’s would have to wait for another day.

Bear was the priority since he is in school.  It took me about 2 hours to get through his clothes before I stopped.  The next week I pulled out all of Eve's clothes out of the closet and from around her room which made it a bigger task than just the single bag of Bears clothes had.  After pulling everything out I got sidetracked by the kids and didn't get around to this for another week.  Yup 2 whole weeks of looking at her bags of clothes in my living room. 

Just like with Bear's I went through all of her current clothes and decided to what to keep for family, what to sell and what to donate.  However, I had the added task of going through all the clothes I had stockpiled for her.  It turned out there were four bags to clothes to go through for the 24mo and 2T sizes.  They are pretty much the same size so I treated them as such.  What you see on the floor is what I kept from all those bags.  There is one more sort that needs to be done.  I should have done this when I was deciding what to keep and sell but oh well.  All of this can't fit into her dresser so I will pull out all the summer clothes and store them in a small bag that will go under her dresser until she needs them.  She will need them before changing sizes as winter is short here in South Texas. 

This brings me to everything that we are not keeping.  Well, almost everything.  Inside this basket is half to sell and a half to save from her previous size.  The bag against the wall was a mixed bag that now just has 3t and 3 in it.  That bag will go back into the closet along with the purple bin where I place anything that is too small on her.  Those two massive bags of clothes will be evened out so that they can be closed will be sold.  That is all the 24mo and 2T stuff that didn't make the cut.  She clearly had more than she needed so I could be picky about what she would wear.  I am thankful to those who gave us their hand me downs but this was seriously a lot of clothes for one kid.    
Here is the bag of summer clothes that will go under her dresser.  I'll pull these out when sweaters need to get stored.  Say about February time frame here.  

Going through her clothes took a good 3hours and one late evening for me.  The kids really do make it difficult for me to complete these large tasks in a timely manner.  I mean how can you say no when this sweet child asks you to play?

Monday, November 5, 2018

A Quick Look Into Making Boudin

After moving from Louisiana we found it hard to get good Cajun food outside of the state.  If we wanted something it was better to make it ourselves.  When we wanted boudin we didn't even bat an eye at making it.   Hubby picked up the supplies and went to work.

Rough chop of the ingredients
Cover with water
Broil until meat comes off the bone

Rinse and soak hog casing as it was store salt

set up grinder

Chop Chives and Parsley

Remove bone, Grind everything in the pot

Reserve some cooking liquid to add back in later.

Added seasoning

Mix, then add fresh seasonings

Mix, add cooked and cooled rice then mix again.

Stuff the 5lb vertical sausage stuffer

Add hog casing after running water 
through the section of casing

Make the links after filling the sections of casing

About one fill of the sausage stuffer
 fills one section of casing.

Smoking 2/3 of the meat outside for 2hours with Hickory wood chips and Hickory hardwood lump charcoal.

Finished smoking

Once cooled put in deep freezer

The frozen Boudin was divided and 
packaged for the deep freezer

Friday Favorites: Makeup Edition

I have been diving back into makeup lately and having some fun with new products and rediscovering ones lost in my makeup cabinet.  Nothing...